Gratuitous Ship Battles?

One of my favorite things of all time is Ship warfare. But there is such a depressing small amount of games that focus on ship warfare.

Playing Gratuitous Space Battles, made me think, that this game could definitely be turned into ship warfare as well, and quite easily too.

It could even span from Modern Day ships to futuristic ships in unlockable hull types and weapons.

Air-craft carriers would be like the mother ships in Gratuitous Space Battles, Battleships, and Cruisers or Destroyers.

The first few levels could be focused on modern day type ships/weapons, where armor is more key, etc, along with your normal deck guns, AA guns for fighters, etc. etc., as you go, you unlock new ships, and components, the mid-late game hulls, and weapons would be much more futuristic (and more powerfull), focusing on shielding more than Armor, and even some laser weaponry itself.

Just my 2 cents of another Gratuitous game. One that would fit the slot of the entire gaming Genre that seems to be ignored.

yeah don’t think I haven’t considered it :smiley:

And then we’d have the obligatory WW2 version…