Gratuitous Space Battles .exe contains a trojan


Recently I purchased Gratuitous Space Battles in the Humble Bundle. However after activating my steam key and downloading it, once I launched it my antivirus popped up informing me their was a trojan in the exe. I thought at first that it was simply the steam version that might be doing it so I downloaded the installer from the humble bundle, however after install it rendered the same result. The anti virus I am using is Comodo.

Thanks for your help.

I downloaded GSB from Steam.

I don’t get any virus warning from ClamWin antivirus when I scan the GSB files.

Yes it seems that I am the only one who has had this issue. I have submitted the file to my antivirus and hopefully the issue will be cleared up. I think it would be safe to close this as it seems to be an issue with my Antivirus and not the game itself.

Sounds like the game checks for an update online, and your antivirus flips out about that. In which case, it probably flips out about almost every program :smiley: