Gratuitous Space Battles style Android Game

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that i just found in the playstore a pretty awesome (and very new, its community is just starting to grow) game wich i love to play.
Didnt knew why i liked it so much until Gratuitous Space Battle poped out my mind, its pretty much the same game mechanics style, with a plus, a 2d hack and slash style space battles mode.

Here is a link and i hope you hop in and like the experience! In my personal experience it gives me back some great memories when modded GSB, lovely times.
I’m Pra3t0r5 ingame, just if you wanna say hi.
See ya!

Fleet Commander by Catstudio: … llar&hl=es

Hi Praetors, judging by the reviews are not very game.

If you are interested in space games, then I recommend you “Space Stalker VR”

VR and normal mode included.