Gratuitous Space Battles Wallpaper ?

Hi i am looking for some cool wallpapers to set on my desktop from this epic game especially if possible i love that on background in homepage:

Last autumn, a talented player with the amusing forum name of Adsadafafas took the time to create these. He even scaled every race’s ship and fighter hulls according to the data in their textfiles so that the graphics are proportionally-sized! That is true dedication to the craft. :smiley: Even a few of the more famous modder-created races got posters made for them. Enjoy the artwork!

Ow, i never noticed that!.

Anyways, i wish those awesome wallpapers were made in a more standard big resolution lik 1600x1200.

Yes, those wallpapers have a 5:4 ratio. I did request an additional set from Adsadafafas for public download in a 16:10 ratio. I think that he eventually lost interest in doing the extra work once he saw how little official development efforts were going into GSB at that point. I can’t blame him for not wanting to give a perfect performance in a nearly-empty theater. [-shrug-]