Gratuitous Space Strategy

I’ve been making a sort of strategy game that uses Gratuitous Space Battles as it’s battle simulator. To be clear: the game plays like 4x strategy games, though a rather simple one, except that the fleet/ships are built using the GSB engine, and when they fight, you run the challenge using GSB. If anyone’s interested, I’d like to possible get a game going, probably on these or another set of boards. So, is anyone interested?

How do you output the results back from GSB to your game? Manually?

Perhaps I didn’t explain it well…
Have you ever seen Play by Post games? Especially Nation Building Games? It plays like that. It’s not actually coded, largely because I have no idea how to even start doing that.

Give me a bit and I’ll find some links to the games I’m talking about.

Ahh, right. I still play a game in that style (well a coded one, not a paper one,) a >15 year old PBEM (Play By EMail) style game called “Stars!”. Excellent game.

Be aware that GSB battle results vary each time you run it (and are dependent somewhat on both the speed of the computer, and the game speed you set the game to run at,) so you’d want to set a rule saying the game speed the battles would be played at, and you’d need to record the battles (with something like FRAPS) if you wanted the players to actually see how the battles played out.

OMG, Stars! I love that game. I still have my CD around here somewhere. I would really like to see another game in the vein of Stars!, but alas, such games require too much thought to do well commercially nowadays. :frowning:

Heh, one of the first things I thought of upon seeing this game was that it’d be alot of fun for it to be integrated into Ultracorps. It’d need a fair amount of work, especially since you’ve got tiny land units that can take out massive cruisers if they’re lucky enough, but it’d still be fun. =D

If you still love it… You can still play it. has a pretty decent collection of people. Not that many, but enough that a game goes up every few weeks.