Gratuitous Spread Sheets

I’ve seen threads with people using Python to create the spreadsheets of the GSB module data. I used powershell. What I did differently, is I created adjusted damage and rate of fire columns to allow for weapons that fire in Salvos, and radiation weapons that have a final damage value higher than what is shown. I’d considered doing the math to adjust rate of fire for missiles to include the time it takes for the projectiles to reach minimum range, but sort of gave up on that.

A lot of weapons have unique values that really clutter up the table. Unless you’re really curious about minutia, you can ignore everything past column Z. I didn’t bother to format the raw string values past that.

This table includes every available official race at the time, including Parasites and Nomads.

I just tried to access it but the website is offline…

Odd, maybe it’s regional. Link updated

Got it.
Thanks for your work- you have put some effort in to that spreadsheet.

Yo, would you mind if I mirror them on the GSB website?, that way they will be around forever.

My apologies, I totally had a Wayne’s World moment there!

Yes, please! Go right ahead! Now I wish I had formatted the one off values!

Cool, here it is: … ds/GSB.xls