Gratuitous Steam bundle?

Hi all!

I’m pretty happy that Cliff decided to release a gold edition of the game, but I wanted to know if this will be available on Steam soon, since I’m wainting for this to buy the game. So, is it gonna be there anytime soon?

This was my first post! … yeeeeeah!



You could just buy it here and pay less to Valve and more to Cliff?

buy it here
basically all games i know have more problems on steam versions than their own ones,and then you can add the general stupidity of steam support staff and their inability to release anything on time…
besides the added problems the games themselves sometimes behave differently than normal versions,often to the worse, and at times even additional problems for modders

before you ask,yes,i hate steam
but at the same time,you cant deny that all points presented are 100% valid :smiley:

Well I think buying on steam is pretty advantageous, especially when it comes to multi-platforming. It keeps things simple. Anyways, I want to buy it on steam!

I also bought it on Steam last time there was a 50% deal.

Now I’ll wait for the DLC to have a discount. On Steam naturally.

Well, there may not be a bundle for it, but GSB is currently $10 off on Steam. The DLC remains full price.

However, as this is one of the famous “Steam Sales” (lasting from yesterday, the 24th, to Sunday, the 4th), there is a chance of it being lower in price for a day, and that might include the DLC, as well…

(And for the record, it’s unlikely Steam will have a GSB bundle until the final DLC is out, if you ask me.)

You know, buying from Cliff here gives you all the advantages of Steam, without needing Steam, and with Cliff getting more of the profits, because of the way Cliff handles DRM (or lack thereof).

I totally agree that a lack of DRM is something very nice, but I’m kinda of a lunatic and i’m sure that i would at some point lose the binairies and would have trouble redownloading them. Also, having the steam version will enable me to easily play also on a mac, once a mac version comes available (if it ever does).

Even though it cuts some profits out of Cliff’s pockets, I think steam is a great platform. I wouldn’t even know about GSB in the first place, would it not be that it was publicized on it. :slight_smile:

Also, I’d like to comment out the steam demo (i don’t know if its the same demo that is available on cliff’s site). I played it quite a bit and I found a lot of frustrating issues, like unclear battle result analysis. I read a bit and found out that it was supposed to have been resolved a while ago, but the usability problem was still in the demo. I crossed my fingers and bought the steam version to happily see that the retail had many interface improvements. I think that the demo really should be updated to have these because it is not everybody who will go check out the blog and the forums to see how its suppose to work out and realize that it was fixed months ago in the full version…