Gratuitous Tank Battles Modding Guide

Patch 1.010 comes out today, and with it comes mod support and the first edition of the gratuitous tank battles modding guide.
You will find it as a microsoft word document in the same folder as GTB.exe.

The guide explains how to mod practically everything, and also explains how the mod system works. Essentially it’s the same as the old GSB system with an ‘installs’ folder that you put a single file in, and a mirrored directory structure somewhere else.
The main difference is that extra data exists in the installs file to name the mod, describe ti and also to associate an image with it, which means that if any mods are detected, the Mods/DLC button appears and a new dialog box lets you enable or disable mods with a single mouse click:
That should make it easier to manage them, plus I have other ideas for browsing submitted mods that I’d like to work in at a later stage.

It might be an idea to make the modding guide publically downloadable, so people can see how easy the game is to mod before buying?
Just an idea.