Gratuitous Tank Battles!

Am I looking in the wrong forum for info on this “sure looks like a winner in my book” game?

Cliff: You really ought to be part-timing for an ad agency on MadAvenue. “Home by Christmas”? You’re killin’ me here~ :slight_smile:

Long Live the Black Hand!

I also am looking forward to this new game. There was some space game years ago where you had to defend (just came to me, think it was, damn just lost it again, anyway it was base on a book, got it, Dune) your base while getting spice, for money, and building up your base, and attacking the other person’s base.

Love to see this one come out where you don’t have to deal with money, just build your base and your tanks and go at it. Plus creating your own type of tanks, like “Gratuitous Space Battles” does sounds just what I want. Can’t wait for it, my money is burning a hole in my pocket.

Yes WoT is fairly amazing but needs a LOT more maps. 12 or so Maps? Only 12 since start? Surely they could have spared a staffer for dedicated map making/testing.