Gratuitous Universal Battles! DEVELOPMENT HAS STARTED![Mod]

I plan on releasing the DLC’s as optional expansions of the mod, that way it will work for everybody.

Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

You do realise that this mod will be a nightmare to upload / download ?
My guess is that the zip file will be 400-500 mb …

I’d say only about 250 mb, I’ll compress it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Progress! I made my first ship!

Cougar - Destroyer class Federation vessel

FYI - there is a Federation Lion Dreadnought in the Classic Dreadnought mod - just saying :slight_smile:

Also Lonestar has some nice Federation ships - see if he is willing to “loan” them to you . .
(See this is what happens when you leave us for a year - you miss out on all this amazing stuff)

Dang it… Alright I gotta go looking for a different name.

Hey Alimarin, haven’t seen you in a long time I think. Of course you can include my mods. I hope you can finish your project! Best of luck :wink:

Thats nothing.
I know some mods… that will be more than 1 gb in size compressed…

The only problem that i see here is uploading the file, that will be tedious if u dont have a very high speed upload bandwith. Today, 400 mb for downloading is almost nothing… (it shouldnt be). I need about 5 minutes for downloading 400 mb at my maximum bandwith (and my internet isp is horrible, i only can reach about 7 mb from 20mb of bandwith… so). Of course, here we got the problem of the hosting services, for big files, i only will recommend mediafire and megaupload.

Alright, I’m starting to get into high gear. I’m downloading every mod I have permission to use right now, whilst simultaneously trying to lock the modules for each race

I hit a small problem, but nothing I can’t handle, I have to modify the modules folder in the actual game’s data folder though, I have to set hidden = 1 in each of them for the modules to not show up.


Hello! I’m most pleased that you’re doing the right thing and requesting permission from the creators of the varied - and many - mods which are of interest to you. What you’re on the edge of attempting is, to put it mildly, of enourmous complexity. Doing it well will be even more of a challenge.

Unfortunately, I do not wish for my Classic Dreadnoughts to be used within the project you described. This also includes the corrupted CDNs within Darkstar’s Uni-T:Viral subnode.

I wish you the best of luck with your efforts in achieving your stated goal. Again, thanks for asking!

Archduke Astro

Alright, I’ll strike that one. Out of curiosity, though, why are you not allowing it?

Alright, I’m going at how this mod is installed a little differently, for the vanilla races and expansion races, they’re going to copy over their respective files and folders, so people have to back up their games before installing that part, if they want it. For the mods, however, I will have them all included into one big GUB folder and modded there.

I will keep these thoughts as constructive as possible. Therefore:

My CDN mod is still very much a work-in-progress, hence I would not like them in your Compilation of mods as there is still more to come. Much more, actually. Not only new content, but numerous delicate changes to existing CDN content, also. With more playtesting and tweaking needed to further refine my current creations, as well as applying the same to the brand-new content in the development pipeline, my mod’s situation is changeable and intricate enough to be an extremely poor fit for what you propose. It’s going to take me years (plural) for me to get my own content into shape, since the present publicly accessible portion of my mod content is just a tiny preview of a much larger body of as-yet-unpublished, still in-development modding work. Sorry, mate.

Additionally, I’m concerned that the truly gigantic dimensions of what you’re wanting to achieve is simply beyond your limits. I intend no disrespect in saying so.

It’s just that you were only active on the modding forum (and [modding-wise] not materially accomplishing much) for such a short while after you registered with us, then you vanished for a year, now you’re back with a goal that’s bigger than the Moon, and I have to wonder how you realistically intend to deliver on all of your (shall we say) enthusiastic claims. Especially since it appears that the majority of what you propose to “create” is actually going to be taken directly from other modders’ content. Successfully balancing such an amorphous heap of content is going to be a task that would make even the most talented modder turn pale with uncertainty. I seriously doubt that even the game’s developer could accomplish, within any feasible period of time and sanity, the same plan that you have chosen for yourself. I hope that I am wrong.

Your time is your own to spend as you choose, of course, but for my part I think it’s wise for me to simply wave to you from the sidelines as I walk back to my own headache-inducing mod WIP: approximately 5% down, 95% to go.

Again, I want to stress that my thoughts above are not a personal attack upon you. I’m simply wondering how it’s even remotely realistic that with so little deep experience with this game that you can meet your stated goals with this mod.

Best of luck with making your modding dreams come true – but big dreams also require even bigger skill and experience.

Alrighty, I need help with damage textures, I can’t seem to find the right look to make the ship damage look good.

Since you have been away for a year you might want to get yourself re-aquainted with Modding Basics 101.
Consider this part of your re-induction (as well as reading every post in the Modding forum for the last year):stuck_out_tongue:

In there you will find a link on “Cliffski rough guide on how to make the damage look good.”

Never mind, I found a good one, lets see what you guys think.

I got the hulk done! It goes alot faster once you figure out how to do it!

Y the hull is so dark?? some spcific reason? the color change between the damaged texture and the hull one will be too much noticeable in-game…

Hi hi,

Thanks for asking about my mods, Currently there is ZERO current releases for the Eve-online mod, and due to reasons of copyright issues I feel that I am unable to allow you use of it. I did speak to CCP and they allowed me to make a eve-online mod for Freelancer, and i am also making it here. Since it is mostly not me work IE the images I have no clue if I can allow it. However I think that once it is released it goes out of my hands.

However the Gunship, Corvette, dreadnought mod i have been working on has slowed in development that i am unsure if its is going to be complete. There are models within there that I have had others make and forgot whom did them with some exceptions. I do want to work more on the mod before allowing it into any others.


And the ship is being totally redone, because for some reason I am getting a white box.