Gratuotous Campaign Request

Frankly, While I am very impressed with the campaign idea, I am desperate to see more originality than usual.

Please… do originality a favor and try to have several kinds of planets, and not just with the generic values… but with special qualities on EACH given planet thats unique to them.

I am advising no less than 8 kinds of planets, and possibly ways to merit new resources in it.

The campaign is much further down the road than such a request could handle. There are no new resources…Money and Crew are the only two resources in the game.

How would you use “new” resources anyway? No way to put them into ship design, that part of the game remains unchanged from the game we are all playing now.

How about giving the players the ability to generate their own complete campaigns?
Complete with text and everything.

How about tournaments?
Or personal territories, and personal wars between players?
Perhaps with several different options, such as raids on planets, (fighting for production points)
Beïng able to enter the other players territories? Meeting new peoples and conquering them?
would be cool!
How about a sort of online tent you could set up and invite other players to game in.
You could set up a shared war game, with several territories pre desighned with some sort of god points
and then just encorporating them in ONE GALACTIC MAP…just suggesting.Having some sort of puzzeling system
that would work either at random or having a puzzeling setting that would require everyones consent about that
map whould it be desired…
(that would be cool!!! wouln’t it?)

And do you guys have some facebook game thing going on yet?
Setting the game up as a platform to meet new friends would be cool.

It would be great if you could crowdsource trough facebook hold contest
and award the fans creativity for say, music tunes to be added to the official game,
or pictures, or ship desighn contests? Ofcource that would generate friction
between cliff and crew so, lets not.

Ehr, lets see now, I never see any pictures of the various races persons!
Why is that? okey, it’s about fleet battles, but wouldn’t it be cool if we allso
had ships looks? or is this because ‘a race’ isn’t neccesairily biologic, I mean,
perhaps humans and other species can join both the tribe and the federation (less the alliance)
and other spieces out there?

Or how about this one: the ability to post your picture somehow?
Or to communicate a link between your campaign and your facebook page?

Set a stage up somewhere? find a way to make people famous for their various
performances as fleet admirals?

Adding a roleplaying element to the campaign?
(oke so it’s probably not going to happen)