Great game, great community

Just crawled out of a hole after spending a month modding HOI3 and find this little gem over at Stardock. Is this the same company that designed the original Democracy? (Sorry, I’m a hardcore wargamer, and a jaded one at that).

Looks like very nice (and very smart) people populating the forum as well. You know who you are…

I paid $15.96 for GSB after the Stardock survey discount. Would have happily paid $30. I’m just glad I didn’t waste the money on AI Wars, with all due respect.

This is gonna be good…

So let’s get the word out on this game!

I forget exactly how I found out about the game. It was a few months back and I knew it was going to be awesome so I just book marked and it kind of let it go for a while until it was a little further in development. One of my buddies at work who’s always checking Impulse mentioned it was up for pre-order so the first thing I did was grab it when I got home. Even though it’s still technically beta, the game did not disappoint 8D.

I agree entirely. Even for being in beta, this game provides hours of addictive fun. Cliffski has a great idea here with lots of potential. Already I can see a large community of dedicated fans testing, giving suggestions, and even supplying mods. Not to mention, Cliffski himself has been great about addressing user feedback, making comments on posts and offering up information from the inside.

You’ve got something good here, Cliff. This is already a great game and it’s only getting better.

PS: I also discovered this game through Penny Arcade. Word of mouth means a lot in this industry.

I discovered it by following the link at penny-arcade.

I already got its price’s worth; now let’s see how it evolves.

I also followed the link from Penny Arcade and I agree. I’m really impressed by how many people on this forum genuinely care about this game. We want to help you make it even more awesome Cliffski, let us know how we can help.

I came from Penny Arcade too.

Maybe worth sending them a thankyou, Cliff :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep me too, Penny Arcade. Great game. Cliff has done a great job here and I want to make sure to mention that I am already happy with it how it is. However, if he wants to add new things and is looking to the playing community for ideas and feedback (which is great to see), I am happy to oblige. Creative ideas are my specialty.