Great game. Some improvement suggestions

Hi. I’ve played about 4 decades of Kudos 2 so far. It is a lot of fun. I love, love sim games like this. What I don’t like is that the romance element is very abbreviated. I mean, I finally snag a boyfriend and then… He seldom calls for a date (like almost never) and then grumps that we’re not seeing enough of each other! He called me “princess” once and I got all melty and I wished the relationship could go on to a deeper level. Plus I have to pay for all the romantic events. He never offers. I would much like the romance element to be more developed, even up to engagement and marriage and…kids? hmmm, maybe not. ^^

I also wish players could change their clothes at least according to the seasons and that clothes could be purchased during the game to dress in. I think it would be cool for my character to suddenly change into a swimsuit when she goes swimming or a winter outfit when going to snowball fights or ice skating–just two examples. It’s just kinda gross to wear the same clothes day in, day out for ten years! Another idea would be to have more employment fields available.

Anyways, I love the game and am looking forward to later editions. Oh yeah, the music is awesome too.

As far as employment fields go, you can add your own. What kinda options did you have in mind?

Oh, just about any common job. Personally, I’m into art & music. Others could be agriculture, military service, or even politics. So how do you make your own?

It’s all a matter of putting together the files. The modding forum talks about the basics, but I haven’t seen anyone post a new job; let alone the classes required to work in that job.

The game is modded by editing the text files that control the behavior of the game. These mods can be as simple as changing how much it costs you to take a bath to as complex as creating new restaurants and whole new career paths.

I’ve been thinking about doing some new career paths, but I’m still trying to figure out how all the ‘stuff’ goes together at this point. I have created a few new activities, nothing really noteworthy; but I would like to create a new career path.

Thanks for explaining what ‘modding’ is. I have no idea how to do it though and I’m not the kind of person who could learn it easily; plus I don’t really care to. :stuck_out_tongue:

But is there anyone out there who agrees with me about the romance part of Kudos 2? Can we look forward to a Kudos 3 with hopefully more relationship possibilities? I’m just a romantic at heart I guess.

I have found a great site for interactive fiction–text based (one player) if anyone is interested, just reply and I’ll post it.


I’m currently working on a mod, so if there’s anything you want to see added (jobs, night classes, assets, social/solo activities, interests) then let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Just remember I can’t change underlying core mechanics, like relationship stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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