Greetings and hello... 1st post here.

Hello everybody, I figured I’d best make an account on this forum so I can put in a few suggestions that I’d like to see in GSB.

Some of you may already know me (or my fleets) a little from some of the challenges posted.

Hope all of you are having fun/frustration with them as I have with yours.

One suggestion that I’d really like to see put into GSB is…

When someone attempts my challenge, send me their attempt fleet right then. I want to know what they attempted with. I understand it might not play out exactly as it did on there computer. Or win/loss may be different. I’d still like to see what they sent. I can delete the attempts that I’m not interested in. And the attempt fleet needs to have my fleet pre-loaded so I don’t have to re-build the fleet my opponent tried.

Would it take up too much space on the server? Could it be sent to my game like an email and stored locally till I get around to seeing them?

Please, pretty please?

BTW… I come from the X3 Reunion and X3 Terran Conflict Arena. Two very awesome games. Which by the way is why I bought GSB. To test a few strategies that might apply over there.


Its not a server space issue at all. The only, single, clear reason this feature is not in, is that I haven’t had time to implement it.
In fact, thats the reason most features that sound cool, and aren’t in yet are not done.

Someone mentioned the idea of a campaign game to wrap around gsb, and I’ve been busy ever since then :smiley:

Then (after you finish the campaign)you should grab all the cool ideas for GSB, and lock yourself in your house with no internet till you code them all, so someone doesn’t mention something else that can suck up your time :wink:

Oh, sometimes we programmers WISH we could do just that…

This. This this this. We can start a hot-pocket / munchies fundraiser to last you while you lock yourself away programming ever more awesome things for this game. Can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on some campaign action, thinking about it makes me feel naughty.

Amen. That is until we lose our (already shaky) grip on reality.

If it means a sleeker, sexier, GSB-with-campaign, then I’d gladly send a pizza over to cliffski’s place.