Greetings, Thanks, and Questions

First off, greetings everybody. Second, thank you for an excellent game. This combines all that lovely fleet customization I liked in Space Empires without the insane level of micromanagement and boredom as the numbers of fleets, planets, and technologies got higher and higher.

Now for a few questions that have been plaguing me on a few things:

  • Will there ever be an in-game custom battle editor (without having to go through doing it by hand as detailed in the MOD forum; Skirmish mode, if you will.)?
  • Will I ever see multi-target missiles? What I mean by this is: I shoot off one missile that breaks into multiple smaller warheads that target groups of enemies instead all sub-munitions heading for of just one target. This would be especially helpful for fighter swarms.
  • Speaking of fighters, where are the Flak Guns ala Freespace?
  • Will we see a mod selector menu? I’ve already seen some Star Wars fleets slugging it out over the cosmos (Thanks to the respective modder). You can blame Sins of a Solar Empire for spoiling me on this feature.
  • Will there ever be emitters instead of turrets? Something like a phaser array, it has absolutely no track time; But I’d assume high costs for this technology. This would also be more useful for Point-Defense and Anti-Fighter use than the fast-tracking turrets (Where’s your Multi-Gun Corvettes now! Er… Sorry, Homeworld flashback).
  • I’m not seeing any Active/Passive ECMs that interfere directly with targeting accuracy instead of the concentrated cruiser jamming weapon. I’d love to have some of these counter measures on frigates.
  • I’ve already seen the thread on Projectile Weapons, so I’ll just briefly echo the statement.

I understand engine limitations and design goals. Either way I can say I’m definitely not disappointed in the purchase in the least. I just hope that you, Cliffski - Post some of your own challenges when you’re able to take a break from fighting with the game engine and squashing bugs.

I’d love to work on all these things, it’s just a matter of time.

Feel free to take your time, you’re doing an excellent job as is.