GSB 1.07 Bugs - Variety of issues

So far this version of GSB has been the best so far. I’ve gone through mulitple battles with no issues and completed the first level of the campaign. (All the easy missions) Which unlocked the Rebel fleet. I assume when I complete the Medium and hard matches that will unlock the other 2 fleets.

  1. Time Acceleration has stopped working. It’s worked one or 2 times, but 99% of the time the game just start stuttering and slows down when you try and speed time up. This only seems to start happening when ships start shooting, before that while the ships are closing the gap the acceleration works, but once you’re in combat it stutters terribly instead of speeding up combat.

  2. The Emerald Nebula - Using the Rebel Fleet - My units, a variety of frigates, cruisers, and fighters, will move to engage the first target and after that guy is blown up about half of the fleet goes dead in the water. Looking at the modules it appears that the weapons have stopped recharging, the ships that continue to function show the weapons charging to fire, while the ships that have stopped just show black lines under the weapons. This is the first time I’ve tried using the rebel fleet so I’m not sure if this is specific to the map or to those ships. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with fighters.

  3. Shields - I’m noticing inconsistencies with shields on this battle as well. On the long skinny cruisers in particular, the ones that have spears sticking out in all directions, I’ve had an issue where I will pummel the enemy ship and the shields won’t go down. And if i understand how fighters work they are supposed to be doing direct hull damage inside the shield, and this happens sometimes and other times you just get those pink blobs all over indicating you’re scoring hits. But the hull never takes damage, it’s a bit like the auto repair but where damage was being instantly repaired. (Looks the same, I don’t think that is the issue)

I’d really like to see the enemy ships modules and info like we see our ships info. It would help for debugging and I think it would improve the game. It’s pretty frustrating to pound away at the enemy shields and never get through. Was I close? Where the weapons even doing any damage? I’d recommend making both sides display that info if possible.

Few other suggestions:

Assigning range (for everything): Make brackets with numbers corresponding to certain ranges so that when you are moving that bar around you’ll see 100,200,300,400,500, etc, and you can slide the bar quickly over to where you want it. It would be great if we could just click points on the bar, I spend a lot of time trying to line that bar up where I want it and what I really want is to be able to click on the bar and have to slider jump to that point.

Adding Escort / Formation orders: After you click add order here i think it should immediately ask you who is the escort or formation target. It’s tedious to click assign target, then click someone, then come back and set range, just have it ask who to assign straight off the bat, then you can setup range and click ok and be done.

Weapon Effects: All the weapon shots seem to go under the target ship before they hit, is there someway to reverse that so we can see the shot all the way until it hits? I think it would look better if the shots went over the top instead of underneath the targets when they hit. Might also be fun to mix that up so that some shots go over so go under.

One more suggestion. If we could save a default set of orders for each particular ship design that would be great. I spend a lot of time setting up the orders for my ships and most of it’s just the same instructions repeated before each battle. Chances are I’m always going to give my missile cruiser max range targeting on only cruisers and frigates. If I could save a default set of orders specific to each ship I design that would save a lot of time and make deployment go a lot faster.

Without more information about your fleet loadout I’m not sure that anyone in the forums can give you an exact answer for why you were having difficulty dealing damage to the enemies. However, during the battle you can often see the reason that specific shots are not effective. If you are hitting the enemy shields and damaging them, there will be a blue ripple effect on the shield near the impact site. If a beam didn’t effect the shield at all, you’ll see it reflect off shield. If a projectile had no effect there will just be a little explosion (with no blue ripple on the shield). Similarly, you can tell if your weapons are penetrating the enemy’s armor by the effect that is shown for the impact. A pink spot on the hull means the armor reflected the shot. Penetrating shots that do damage cause an explosion of one sort or another, with a larger set of secondary explosions when the armor is completely destroyed and you start to do damage to internal components.

I like the fact that you don’t know exactly what your opponent’s setups were, but it can indeed be frustrating not knowing exactly what is going on. I think that improvements to the statistics screen that appears at the end of the battle could help a lot, without completely destroying the mystery completely. For example, just showing the number of shots, hits, penetrations, etc. would help make the existing percentages more meaningful. Even better would be knowing which ships dealt those hits (or were hit by you) and/or what weapon/defenses were involved.

2. The Emerald Nebula - Using the Rebel Fleet - My units, a variety of frigates, cruisers, and fighters, will move to engage the first target and after that guy is blown up about half of the fleet goes dead in the water. Looking at the modules it appears that the weapons have stopped recharging, the ships that continue to function show the weapons charging to fire, while the ships that have stopped just show black lines under the weapons. This is the first time I’ve tried using the rebel fleet so I’m not sure if this is specific to the map or to those ships. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with fighters.

Update on this issue. Ran another mission and I think this has more to do with default range and the shield strength of the enemy. For whatever reason when I set my cruiser or other units to use the range equal too one of their weapons, sometimes all the same weapon, it sets the engagement range to the maximum. (950 in this case) In this last match the ships would come back to life after a certain enemy died because my ships apparently got to their engagement range and stopped and since the enemy didn’t get closer they sat there waiting for him to die. I fixed this by moving my default ranges call down by 200, it still happens in some cases where the ship can’t find a path to get closer it just sits and waits but I’m pretty sure the above problem is caused by ships thinking they are in range when they are not. I used several frigates in this match which had 950 and 1100 ranged weapons and I used those as their engagement range. That doesn’t appear to work very well because the ship stops outside of that range apparently. I think if the enemy were to come closer my ships would attack.

This is a long shot, but:

when you assign ranges, are you highlighting more than one type of ship at a time? If that is the case, I’m not even sure what happens but I know it probably screws up the ranges somehow since the UI doesn’t’ know what you want to change. Make sure you also, if you select a group, click one unit of the group first. I know it’s sort of lame and this should be looked at but this may be your issue, try it out and let me know if there is improvement

There’s a slowdown some people experience that seems to be fixed by tweaking the sound settings. Go into options and uncheck “pitch shift sounds” and see if that fixes it.

Cliffski - maybe that option should be set to off by default?

Sounds like you fixed this yourself? If you click on any ships at the beginning of the battle though, you’ll notice that all the bars under the weapons are black. It just means there’s nothing in range, not that they haven’t reloaded.

Shields and armor have resistance values. Weapons with shield/armor penetration below that value have a very high chance to just bounce off and not do any damage. This is why laser fighters aren’t getting through the armor - but make a ship without any armor and you’ll see fighters tear it up in short order. Same principle for shields. I’m guessing your fleet is loaded up on beam weapons? Try sticking some plasma cannons on a cruiser and see how long the shields last then :wink:

Just ran this battle again, only see this on the Emerald map. Set to the middle difficulty. There are about 6 of those long skinny ships.

When I quit the battle I had 7 cruisers firing on one ship and couldn’t take the shields down.

Tally of weapons used: (I’m assuming each hard point is a seperate weapon? Or when a weapon slot has 3 hard points is that still one weapon but damage is split between 3?)

Assuming each hardpoint is it’s own weapon:

12 Cruiser Beam Lasers
9 Cruiser Lasers
3 Cruiser Proton Beams
3 ECM Shock beams

20 Cruiser Beam Lasers
4 ECM Shock Beams

Assuming each weapon slot is a flat damage regardless of turrets on the ship:

6 Cruiser Beam Lasers
3 Cruiser Lasers
3 Cruiser Proton Beams
3 ECM Shock Beams

16 Cruiser Beam Lasers

Even with these lower numbers I should be able to break through one ships shields. The effects you mentino were mostly the lasers reflecting off the shields…which I’m confused about, does that do no damage when they get reflected off? How do you take down those shields?

This fixed this issue. Not sure why it never happened before now but this fixes it.

There is still a bug I see on the Emerald map, I don’t know why it doesn’t happen elsewhere but even when I move the range for my long range ships 200 below their max range the ships will still stop thinking they are in range when they are not. Since this map is also the one were I can’t seem to drop the shields of the enemy ships the match basically goes stalemate at that point, if my front line ships could take down the ship the long range ships would likely snap out of it but this is something that keeps happening. If other ships move into range those frigates that appear to be dead in the water will start shooting, but they refuse to move until the target they are pointed at is dead.


Some of the enemy ships would lose their shields to the lasers alone from my cruisers and others needed massive volleys of plasma. Maybe these shield are operating as intended but it doesn’t make sense to me how the same ship sometimes goes down to my lasers alone, and then other times needs a fleet of hvy plasma ships to bring those shields down. (I took a dozen frigates armed to the teeth with plasma, put them behind a line of cruisers, that got the shields down)

Are the skinny ships different from one another on this map? Should some of them have enormous shield strength and others only average? Try taking only laser weapons, even with massed ships I couldn’t touch the shields of certain ships, then other ships (appeared to be the same) would lose shields at some point and get destroyed. The effect of the lasers on the shield is being reflected but even the ones that lose their shields reflect before they go down.

Okay this is starting to make some sense. All those beam weapons had 20 and below shield penetration, and the shield strength is up at 27 on the best module. So very possible my shots just weren’t doing any damage.

But I did have 3 Cruiser lasers on 3 different cruisers and those have 55 shield penetration…? It’s one weapon mount on the config, but 3 hard points, not sure if that means 3x damage, or just 1/3 damage on each spot but should 3 cruisers with 1 or 3 Cruiser lasers drop those shields?

It means nothing. From the manual:

Update: The range bug is still an issue. Far as I can tell my ships, not specific to any one class will give up trying to get into range of the enemy for certain targets. I’ve started taking screenshots of this happening. In some cases the cruisers will not close the distance while other cruisers, exact same type, will. Frigates have the same issue. I create large lines of frigates behind my cruisers and set their max range to 900 for plasma (actual range of weapon is 950) and I set my missile frigates to 1000 and the weapon range in 1100. (I do this for both frigate and cruisers, I also remove the attack fighter order) Most of the time this works out fine. But other times this is what happens.

Another pic of the issue.

That’s not one of the maps that reduces weapon ranges is it? A 20% reduction in range would mean your frigates would be unable to engage at the ranges you’ve set them to.

There’s a issue where ships can get stuck in slightly overlapping positions with each other when trying to get into range of a target and then can’t get themselves moving again when they all pick the same next target. If you space the ships out a bit more in your initial deployment you might be able to avoid it. Alternatively you could turn on the “Keep Moving” order so that they never even try to stop in a big clump in the first place.