GSB.. 2 a fusion with Ascendancy from Positech

Oke so I’m not suggesting that GSB 1 isn’t enless fun, what I just want to rub under your noses is another game in 2D and 3D:
Ascendancy, I don’t know I I’m allowed to post another games name online like that but I just don’t care.

All I want to say is that if we could just have a map feature like in that 3D game, you would need:

  1. Long range weapons added like in Ascendancy(logic factory) is now.
  2. The GSB engagement mode would be in it.

So you’d have a simple fusion between Logic Factories’ Ascendancy (still thinking about a second version of their game).
With it’s cool 3D turn based gamepley, awsome special abilities per race and simple setup.
And GSB with it’s more intimate battle mode.

Te main problem of committing to this fusion is the balance between the two in the new game:

  • on one hand you would have a game that builds ships in planet docks
  • on the other a game that builds whole fleets with a neat and simple point system.

To solve this, I would suggest that the ships built in docks are going to play like pointclusters, with both the ability to construct a fleet prior to battle
and an ability to take a long range shot at one another. For this you would ofcource unfold some of the points into a long range ship with a weaponsystem on board. this would then make it vulerable etc. the whole thing would pan out.

Some more suggestions for both sides are: do more with the enviroment!

  • An astroid field that would block weapons range would work nicely.
  • Gravity sources should ad an awsome aspect to ships mobility (i.e. it would make ships slower on the ascendancy 3D map and it would make battle in 2D have a drag for ships that would go one way faster then the other… ships would go faster from right to left then from left to the right side of the map for instance.

Oke Cliffsky I think I’ve given a nice general idea here for u to think about.
How realistic this dream of mine is, to play a fusion between Ascendancy and GSB…I don’t know.
But hey, ur both indy programming companies, so that’s a cultural plus for the likelyhood.
Then, u both like an original idea, u both like a game that looks good.
The two of your games share their sense of indy styled humorism.
Both of us have added an ambitious new idea to the genre’s.
The two of your teams could share the workload of making a new game wich is nice as well.
The challenge isn’t that difficult to weld your games together, both of them are failry light on the customers systems.
If u guys pull it off it would be of Great PR vallue!

Finally: it would be great fun to play your game!

Do think about the name well though, I think GSB2 isn’t going to bode well with the ascendancy guys from The Logic Factory.
Oh, and don’t forget to put all the civ feel things from Ascendancy in it, but with a Travian like strategy…
Any problems that would show up I’d be happy to discuss. I have lots of ideas!
Just tell us what u think!

Ketejan out-