GSB Chat Room

We need one. In-game would be ideal, but until that happens, perhaps we should setup an IRC channel somewhere? What think ye?

Can’t really give a solid yea or nay, though I definitely think it’s well worth consideration. There are several threads in here that degenerate for at least short periods into off-topic conversations (I’m as bad as anyone), though at least they’re amusing enough to read. :slight_smile:

I should say, it’s not a replacement for the forum. It’s an addition to the community. A good IRC channel with a few knowledgeable lurkers around is a bonus for new players, as they can get quicker answers to questions. It’s also a ton of fun for the lurkers as friendships are created, challenges are extended, and general fun-times ensue… Anyway, if people are interested, I could go find a suitable IRC server and create us a channel… I’d really want to see some interest, and get Cliffski’s blessing before going out and doing it though… =]

Sign me up.

Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that. I just meant that if semi-random conversations tend to crop up here in the forums, it probably indicates that a chat room or channel would probably see some good use.

sounds fine to me, I do wonder occasionally if the game should allow direct messaging outside of the normal post-challenge message stuff. I’m all for players communicating with other. Especially if it involves blood feuds fought out between the galaxies.

Or ichor feuds, for those inclined to use mainly Alliance. :wink:

I’ve chosen Gamesurge as the IRC network. They are a gaming oriented network that I have used before. The admins are really nice and professional… At least the two I’ve dealt with in the past were. Point your IRC client at

The channel is #gratuitous and has been registered to the *Gamesurge user, meaning the network actually owns the channel, not myself. I am currently a co-op on the channel. Cliffski, if you want to claim ownership of the channel, you need to join the #support channel and request ownership. They’ll get it set to you as the owner. You can leave it as it is if you don’t care. (Ownership will let you change the Message Of The Day, kick/ban users, and generally make sure the channel runs the way you envision.) I’ll do my best as channel op. I think you can take ownership and specify me as a co-op. Feel free to do this if you want help opping the channel. I’m happy to do it.

I’ll try to hang out there as much as I can… Oh, and for those of you unfamiliar with IRC, there is a lot of information about it at the Gamesurge website linked above. I recommend using mIRC as your IRC client, but if you prefer to get started right away without installing any software, you can use the Gamesurge web based IRC client.

Looking forward to meeting a lot of you in channel, and also establishing a few good blood feuds. =D

You should get an applet and embed it on the site somewhere.

Actually what would be really fun is some sort of match making system where we can play people in real time and talk about stuff :slight_smile:

Well…lets see how popular the chat room is first… As it stands, I’ve only seen a couple people in it so far… Of course, it’s new, so I guess we’ll see…

Needs the applet to become popular. Anyway to put a button into the game that links it? Through a mod?

That would be great… A button on the website and a button in game that would take you to the chat room… Heya Cliffski… any chance of something like this?