GSB crashes after re-install


I had installed the star wars mod for GSB but couldn’t get it to work properly (after install could never unlock the imperials or republic) so I deleted GSB and re-installed rom the App Store (I’m running this on a Mac). Now when I try to start the game I get a strange error about a republic ship I created and the game crashes. Where is the user save data kept? I have a feeling that this all needs to be deleted for a clean install of GSB to happen. Tried to search for this here and on google but couldn’t find anything. Thanks for any help you all can provide.


There are two potential folders: a folder called com.redmarble.GSB that is in /Users//Library/Application Support, and/or a folder called GratuitousSpaceBattles in /Users//Library/Preferences. The problem you describe does sound like you need to delete the custom ship file at least. It will be in one of these two folders, inside another folder called, oddly enough, “ships”.

Thanks for the reply. I thought it would be in a Library folder but couldn’t find it in my home directory (and checked everywhere else). After reading your post I opened Terminal and found Library directory (in OS X Lion it appears to be hidden). After typing "chflags nohidden ~/Library is was able to find and remove the ship files. Thanks again!