GSB Crashes when retreating in Campaign mode

This is frustrating as hell.

Most of the discussions suggest scouting your enemy with fighters before engaging them…makes sense.

The problem here is that my game crashes every single time I retreat. The ships retreat, but as soon as they jump out the game closes and I get a pop up window saying GSB has encountered an error.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this, because the campaign is truly unplayable like this.

I recommend you post this complaint in the Support Forum in order to help gain the swiftest examination of it. Thanks.

I know this bug occurred in older versions of GSB, what version are you currently running?

Hmmm…got a PM from CLif suggesting I unistall and reinstall.

I uninstalled, and reinstalled the first file for the base game, and now get the error every time I try to open GSB with no expansions installed.

I’m guessing somthing in my install files got corrupted.

Have you tried to delete the My Games\GSB folder ?

It can solve quite a lot of problems - even i suppose this on is unrelated…

If you had the expansions previously and haven’t installed them this time, then knightofni’s solution could work for you. Old saved designs might be causing game to crash. Alternatively you could reinstall the expansions also, though for me in the past it has been a tad flaky with old saved data in any situation.