GSB Demo question

Ok i have GSB demo and i now have 3k+ honor but i cant seem to unlock any modules. Is there some buttons or fancy way i gotta select them to unlock them?


Hello, o Imperialist and oppressor of the weak. Welcome to GSB! :slight_smile:

Here’s how to spend your accumulated honor points. If you have already tried to execute this same process and are still having problems, you may need to speak with Cliffski, the game’s developer, for additional support. I do not know in what ways (if any) the demo might be feature-limited when compared to the full game.

A word of caution: you’re going to need some modules more (sometimes much more) than others at such an early stage of the game. They’re not all equally useful tactically. Take your time to review the options before spending that precious (and unrecoverable) honor on anything.

Please review the procedure below:

  1. Go to the game’s main screen.
  2. At the bottom of the main screen, there’s a button near the right side labeled “Fleet HQ”; click it.
  3. When in the Fleet Headquarters screen, you can toggle between three different tabs: Modules, Ship Hulls, and Races.
  4. When in the (for example) Modules tab, on the left side of the middle of the display you’ll see a grid of icons for equipment that’s still locked.
  5. On the right side of the middle of the Fleet HQ panel you’ll see a description of that item’s attributes. The cost in honor points to unlock that given item will be clearly seen at the far-right edge of Fleet HQ.
  6. If you simply click on the icon at left that corresponds to the item you want, it will be unlocked immediately and will be moved much farther down that scrollable grid of other icons.
  7. Return to the game’s main screen.
  8. Click on the “Ship Design” button.
  9. You should now see that you have access to the item you just unlocked.

When i clik the modules//hulls i want to unlock, the “unlock” button on the bottom is a gray color, meaning i cant unlock it. :confused: so idk how to unlockit :frowning:

Nvm i just figured it out :P, it says not available in demo :frowning:

Yes, I began to wonder how feature-limited the demo is. Buy the full game and you can have more fun with additional modules, weaponry, ship hulls and even additional races than you can imagine! :smiley:

Even more if you download the largue quantities of mods, GSB is the first game that i bought in my life, and believe me, worth it.
[size=85]Why i never bought a game? Well, cuz i’m Argentinian and here the original game cost too much money and since when i bought GSB i was 17 years old, i just could not buy through systems like paypal… and forget about my parents, but after some months, i gave the money to my uncle and he used his credit card. And well, here i’m ^^[/size]