GSB.exe has stopped working

Love the game but can’t play any more. I get GSB.exe has stopped working. I have deleted the program and reinstalled it many times. I can’t even get the demo to work. My video card driver is up to date and I can play any other game, (star trek online, dawn of war) ect. Need help. I know a solution has been posted other places on the fourm but I did’nt understand it. What do I need to do. thanks

what co-incided with this? coukld it be a new video card driver from windows update? what video card and version of windows do you have?
And what happens when the game starts, is therte an error message?

My old video card did go bad but I have a new nivida 8400 it should more than handle it. I am running windows vista and it should be up t date but I will check it. What it does is when i click on the short cut a message shows appears that says that GSB.exe has stopped working and windows is looking for a solution. Any help would be wonderful. Me and my son love the game keep up the great work.

firstly make sure you have the very latest drivers for your card. Also, check that other games work ok. If you change cards, sometimes there is a file in windows (might be called d3dx.dat as i recall) that remembers the old card settings, and that can screw up when you change cards.
The game writes debug data here:
\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles\debug
email those files, and a brief error description to