GSB.exe not working

I got the GSB Demo a while ago and it worked fine. I made no changes or saves but after a week or so it stopped working. Everytime I tried to start it up it would show the title screen for a second or two then an error message would pop up saying “GSB.exe has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution to the problem” After a bit, it would say that no solution could be found. I never got around to removing the demo and just ignored it. I just got the full game plus the DLC today for the special price on Steam. I removed the demo while the full game was installing. When I started up the full game I got the exact same error message. I tried removing the local data then reinstalling it but nothing has worked. Anyone else have this problem? If so, how did you fix it?

Something has been installed on your machine, whether it be a driver update, windows update, new software, or mroe scarily, some malware or other nasty. If the game ever ran, it should always run, as its the exact same bytes.
So I’d advsie doing a good old tedious virus scan, and if you already have a scanner, try a different one, preferably Spybot Search and destroy or malwarebytes (both free). Then I’d check in the windows control panel admin tools, event log, application log, which will have big red error messages if something has gone wrong, which might explain why.
If still no joy, I’d delete
\my documents\my games\gratuitous space battles
and re-run the game
If still no joy, reboot, defrag and kill any background programs that are running, and try again.
If still no joy, check for the latest sound and video card drivers and install them
If still no joy, run the directx dxdiag diagnostics proghram to check direct is working well.
I’m running out of ideas now…

YES! Thank you so much, Deleting Documents/MyGames/GratuitousSpaceBattles worked! I didn’t even know anything was in there. Thank you for your prompt response and for making such an awesome game.