GSB expansion packs and missions

I have just purchased GSB Collectors Pack and Played through all the missions (N,H and expert) as Federation Race. When I switch to a different race, I cannot see any new missions or weapons or module loadouts that may be unique to the different races e.g Swarm has these bug like things that circle their cruisers and give the Fed ships a really hard time as they chew through shields and hulls. I would really like to see new items for differnet races, so in this area I am a bit dissapointed but overall GSB has a lot going for it, bring it on!

The stuff you buy at the FleetHQ are for all the races - also some race specific weapons and modules, but they aren’t marked in the description as unique for the races.

The swarm have some unique like; (cruiser) Smartbombs, (fighter) Fusion Gun, (fighter) Target Booster and swarm disrupterbeam.

If it’s too hard try change tactics and/or weapons/modules or simple change the order you’re giving the fleet. Swarm needs to be played very differently than Federation.

If you’re missing modules/weapons to the races, you can head over and check the modding forum - a lot of cool stuff. Or making your own stuff - modding GSB is not hard.

EDIT; If you’re looking for a way to mark specific race weapons/modules, see here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=5858

Thanks for the info. Will head over to Mods and check them out