GSB Fan Art

Ok, I just got done reading Cliffski’s post about “spreading the word” on GSB when it came to me that I haven’t seen any fan art, wallpapers, or anything along those lines. I’d like to make the first addition (unless I have some how missed it in another post) of a GSB wallpaper for Nomad. What better way, outside of playing the game, can the artwork of GSB be appreciated than to display the hulls on your monitor.

btw - I’m open for suggestions on how to improve composition, colors, etc.

The Gallery

I like it but its tooooo small to really get a good lookse at.

Right… sorry about that. Forgot to link it. :slight_smile: It’s fixed.

woot i liek nad now that i see there full line of ships I WANT THEM thay all look like airliners LOL Great job there !!

I suspected that the Nomad ships were lovely, but these are more than that!
Alright, I guess I’m getting the expansion tonight.

Can you do this for the Federation?

Way cool work - should we post this on Desktop background downloading site, would Cliffski object?

I actively encourage it :smiley:

Ask and ye shall receive. I decided to add the size of each and order them accordingly… and yes, it should be to scale.

Full Size 1284x1024

I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile: Before posting it everywhere, let me fix the Nomad wallpaper. I like the Federation concept of making the ships to scale. Enjoy!

Cliffski, you’ll have to give your artist kudos - he has done fantastic work on all the ships in the game!

WOOT, Gota have them all!!!

um whoa that was lame pokemon refferance there. but yes yes please please do all the content of the Cliffski GSB and then we all can use it to help promote the game, and bring more people over to the game.

small voice And maybe do some for the mods that others are doing , liek the eve-online i’m working on, the uni-t mod, and the others that people are working on.

These do look really good. I’m happy to host them on my site, if that helps. I think I should find an excuse to blog them too, if thats ok with you?

These are very nice. Thank you!
I think when we have more of these, I’ll look into modding them into my load screens.

So I threw together a slideshow gallery on my site at The Lesson Library I figured it would be best to host them there. That way I can update as needed every time I make a minor change - I tend to hack here and there until I whittle out a final product. And yeah, my gallery has some glitches I’m working out.

Cliffski, feel free to do with them as you please. Blog about them, tell me to take them down… whatever you’d like. You paid for the images I used. Making these wallpapers is my small way giving back and saying thanks for a terrific game that entertains my family!

I appreciate your enthusiasm as it’s encouraging and contagious. :slight_smile: I plan on working on “spec” wallpapers for the other six races and still need to retouch the Nomads. Once those are completed, I could probably help you with some additional wallpapers. At some point, I’d even like to work on a Master of Orion 2 mod. I have the ship images and even created the abstract for one, but I’ve been a bit busy juggling life… and making wallpapers. :slight_smile:

yes please make a “Mix of Awesomeness” one for me :stuck_out_tongue:
1600x1200 resolution too :stuck_out_tongue:

a suggestion tho… how about you place all those nice ships on a space background picture? something darker preferrably


this thread now officially has it

its amazing how much awesomeness can fit on a single screen when you use the right tools

Ok, Rebels are now up. Enjoy!

GSB Wallpaper Gallery

Heh… I actually had that image in my references folder while I was working on the Nomads :slight_smile:

well,if you ask me, Mawasi is the coolest ship the Nomads have
i managed to get 4 heavy missile launchers on that thing and i just love using it as a DPS ship whenever conditions allow me to, and this “planeboat” reminds me of it