GSB Fan Art

Drools over the artwork

Seriously though, Kudos to the artists for all the hard work, the one who made the background and the ones who designed the ships. They’re all really breathtaking and reak of win.

I’m also a huge fan of the mawasi ship :smiley:
I’m going to blog about these…

Awesome! Where can I go to read it? Hope I got the Alliance up just in time. :wink:

GSB Wallpaper Gallery

The Empire is ready to go. I had to take a different approach and mix up the ship hulls a little more. Hope you enjoy!

GSB Wallpaper Gallery

Great work. Could we have more resolutions when you’re done with all races? Please?

Superb suggestion. I can’t make full use of the 4x5 aspect ratio because my desktop monitor has a 16x10 multimedia aspect ratio - 1680x1050 pixels. I’m sure a ton of laptop screens have a native resolution that’s close to 16x9 ratio; my old one was 1440x900 pixels.

Aside from that, these GSB wallpapers are beautiful to behold. Thanks, Adsadafafas! May Gnol Prime’s mineral classification be upgraded to Ultra Rich. :smiley:

My GF would hit me if I stuck this up on our computer.

Separate user profiles are your friend. :stuck_out_tongue:

Eh, it’s okay. I don’t mind her Yuri backgrounds.

The Tribe has arrived!

GSB Wallpaper Gallery

I’m glad to see there’s so much interest in the wallpapers. :slight_smile: Once I have completed the existing set, I’ll have to see what I can do for the 16:10 aspect ratio. My initial thought was to get images of alien life forms to fill each additional 400 px gap that will be created once I readdress the designs. I figured that would help breathe life into the fabulous hulls. (Here’s an awesome post on Android Arts that inspired this thinking.) But I’m going to back out of that direction to prevent my ideas from conflicting with others’ imaginations. Besides, it would take many moons to match the established level of quality. So we’ll see what road I take when we get to that point.

Happy gaming!

Yay! Finally Tribe is done. You are doing a great job with those wallpapers :wink:

I hope I don’t have to wait much for the widescreen version, my laptop also wants this wallpapers =D

Once all of the other DLC races are done, will the Nomads wallpaper be re-done to properly scale the ships relative to each other, also adding their sizes in text?

This project just goes to show how amazing the original starship artwork for GSB really is. We’re damn fortunante to have such an attractive game. :smiley:

So here is my to-do list for anyone interested:
Design the Federation 4:3 - Completed
Design the Rebels 4:3 - Completed
Design the Alliance 4:3 - Completed
Design the Empire 4:3 - Completed
Design the Tribe 4:3 - Completed
Design the Order 4:3 - Completed
Design the Swarm 4:3 - Completed
Redesign the Nomad 4:3 - Completed
Tweak Federation 4:3 - Completed
Design Legios 4:3 - Completed
Design Legios 16:10
Design Federation 16:10
Tweak Rebel 4:3
Design Rebel 16:10
Design Alliance 16:10
Design Empire 16:10
Design Tribe 16:10
Design Order 16:10
Design Swarm 16:10
Design Nomads 16:10
Designs for community mods - pending community involvement

I would like to know what we as a community mod maker would need to do to fit this one here, even though it looks to be a ways off. That Way those of us that are interested can prepare what is needed to make it happen.


What a coincidence! :wink:

I’m not sure actually if this is wallpaper size (its 1600 by 1200), but I did it to be able to see all my ships at once, and to compare them. If it fits in a computer screen (lucky coincidence?) all the better!


ps. Adsadafafas if you want to keep this with your others that’s fine, or if you’d rather not mix them up that’s fine too :slight_smile:

dl link:

now thats freakin` sweet :smiley:

Thanks! it’s been fun making it

To keep things simple, I just need the following:
Ship Images - 24 bit pngs with transparency work best but jpgs will work too
Ship Names - please not too long, might be hard to compose something like Supercalifragilisticonandonandonand…
Hull Length - meter length
Creative Freedom - for all the creative types out there, I think you could appreciate: How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

I think the best way to associate image, name, and length would be in the image file name - something like big_beast-230.png should work. Just use an underscore if you want a space.