GSB Font Issue - Macintosh Version

Hello, first post here, yadda yadda.

Okay, it seems that I’m having much the same problem as some other MAC users have in the past with this game, but I never did find a solution here or anywhere else.
I buy the game from Steam yesterday, and find out right from the start that the font that’s used for large parts of the UI is nearly unintelligible.

So, after finding this out, I start to look through Steam Support; find Positech’s support, but there’s no email to contact, and then I find that “Red Marble Games” are the MAC porters of the game. So, I contact them, and they say that it’s an issue that they haven’t been able to fix yet.

After all this, I decide to spelunk into some of the files to see if there’s anything on fonts. I find the zekton16 font that’s used for the descriptions and menu, and that’s the one that’s been messing up for me. There are two files that involve the zekton font, but one of them I can’t access because I ‘don’t have any applications that can open it’, so my computer says.

Does anyone have any suggestions on fixing the font, or replacing it with a more MAC friendly one, if possible/safe-ish?