GSB - for mac?

Will GSB come out for mac too?
Would love to pre-order the game but I’d need it to work on my mac…

Me too! But since it’s on DirectX instead of OpenGL I guess that makes it less likely we’ll see a port soon.

This is the first time since switching I’ve regretted ditching my Windows box. How well do you think it would work in VMWare Fusion?

OK. I’m going to pre-order it when I get home. If it doesn’t work in Fusion or VirtualBox I can still boot up my old Windows box. And if it still doesn’t work there, well, have some free money Cliff! :slight_smile:

I’ll report back tonight on the results.

There are some people here apparently already playing it on a mac, using crossover? I know nothing of such things, and I don’t support it, because I don’t know anything about it. But its worth reading the forums with posts about Mac because apparently it is possible.
There will be a proper mac port eventually.

I’m using crossover:
Works beautifully.

2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
NVIDIA GeForce 9400
Snow Leopard

bought the beta - got it in my head it worked on mac … however, the download a .exe - doh! my fault for not checking.

perhaps i oughta buy crossover =/

(i don’t have, nor want, windows thanks :slight_smile: )

let me know when you want the mac version beta testing :slight_smile:


I’d really love to try it now too - via Crossover or Vmware Fusion.

Only question though: Since my budget is quite tight - if I buy the PC-version, do I also get the mac-version once it is released?

Here are the results for me on a MacBook Pro. Intel 2.52 GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, Leopard.

VMWare Fusion, running Win XP Professional:

result: playable, not great
1. no backgrounds (on menus or in battle mode)
2. serious slowdown on all speeds above 1.0

Crossover Games:

result: playable, some annoyances
1. 50% of the time it will hang on the deployment screen for no particular reason, requiring a game restart. It’s an odd problem because the game is still responsive - hovering over buttons causes them to highlight - but no clicks work.
2. Occasionally crashes with a “serious error” dialog box, requiring a game and Crossover restart

@holdeg2: have you been having the same problems with Crossover, or is yours working perfectly? Perhaps I should upgrade to Snow Leopard? Though I can’t see how that would help…

Also, the game is seriously hard. Don’t know if that’s a Mac specific problem :wink:

Was getting some odd sound-related crashes on my Mac with Crossover (but it did the same in native Windows too).
But since the game patched to 1.03 it’s been pretty much flawless for me. Haven’t noticed any interface oddities so far.

Tested on: MacBook Pro, Intel 2.8GHz, 4GB RAM, Nvidia 9400M (no need to enable the 9600), Snow Leopard & Crossover Games 8

Crossover is running great for me. :slight_smile:

Speed/FPS is perfect, no crashes or hang-ups yet.

MacBook unibody (late 2008): CoreDue 2,4 GHz, Nvidia 9400, 4gb RAM

eek! i surely hope so, or i really have wasted the cash :frowning:

any comment on this and an eta for the mac version, please?

thanks in advance.

If I go ahead with my usual mac porting partner (very likely) then we normally have that in place, so a purchaser gets access to both versions.

Sounds great!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Another Crossover user here.

Just minor occasional problems where clicks don’t want to work anymore. Usually an escape will fix it, which sucks if it happens 3/4 of a way thru a deployment :-/

I get the same thing with Wine on Linux (most of the same codebase as Crossover). Save your deployments regularly.

Getting the same bug here, starts after the first mission.

I THINK it only occurs if you double-click. Can anyone confirm this?

So, let’s update my GSB-Mac experience.

My crossover-experience stays the same: Great speed, not even my CPU is used very much (about 10% if at all, even at 4x game speed), only the RAM are quite full. I play in window mode, had some problems with full screen earlier.
There seems to be a bug with double-clicking, seems to be happening only when using Crossover or “pure” WINE.

I also tried[b] Parallels /b with Windows 7 (Professional) where GSB also works quite nicely. Full screen works better here, game ran fast even in 4x, but CPU was used quite a bit more, the fan startet turning up quite soon (never heard the fan when using crossover).

To repeat my earlier post (just to have all info collected here), I have a unibody Macbook (late 2008) with 4gb RAM, NVIDIA and 2,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running Snow Leopard.

All in all, despite the nice graphics, GSB runs nice & smooth on a macbook.
Of course a native mac-version would be nicer, but right now it’s working fine enough to pay the 20 USD. :slight_smile:

my crossover 8 was not playing nice at all. Could not click many buttons, and no text fields could be edited (to save designs). I used crossover 8 games edition and the HTML engine bottle. Unibody macbook 2GB/2.4

I thought I’d just chime in as well that I have been using GSB on my 2008 Aluminum MacBook in Crossover games. It has been working beautifully for me, except for that one issue where the interface will occasionally stop receiving clicks.

JUst a FYI, I know it’s not a option for everyone, but I’m on a mac running GSB on a windows partition. yeah, I shudder every time I start windows up, but once in a while it’s appropriate.