GSB for Mac?

Hey all, I was told about GSB by a mate, and once I saw the site and the gameplay shots, I decided I totally wanted it. The only problem is that I have a Mac. So, is a Mac version of the game in the pipeline, or is it a pipe dream?


Cliff’s said there will be a Mac port, but I don’t think we’ve got dates yet.
In the meantime, it works fine with Crossover or Wine (I play on Linux with Wine).

Thanks for the info! However, I’ve had some troubles uploading Wine to my Mac. I can’t seem to find how to make it work, even from within the Wine_1.1.33 folder. You wouldn’t happen to have any advice for that would you?

I’ve not used it on a Mac, but you’ll need the Wine executable in your path, then you can open a Windows executable (say, GSB.exe) by going to that folder and running the command “wine GSB.exe”. It may be easier just to associate the filetype .exe with the Wine executable, so you can click on it and it’ll launch with Wine.