GSB: Galactic Conquest now in beta

The mysteries are piling up :).

As I think I mentioned in my first post, I’ve never played challenges before, only the AI scenarios. I don’t have a challenges folder (or the web folder it’s supposed to be within), so I just tried creating and issuing a challenge.
Much to my surprise I get an “Error: reg code invalid” error in the submit challenge window.

In the “online” menu in the game I have my registration code entered (and I’ve tried again a few times just now with a copy/paste) and it says underneath: “Code valid. Thank you”, and “User name accepted” for the field below.

I imagine that if my registration code isn’t valid - even though the game claims it is - this is the reason why I can’t launch the campaign either. Hopefully cliffski can sort this out for me?

hooray! the campaign is in beta!!!
now I’ll hold my breath until it comes to mac

Campaign. Is. Awesome.


confirmed campaign working in steam :slight_smile:

only problem I had was it put the campaign in ‘common\GSB\GSB’ instead of ‘common\gsb’ easy fix.

Patches are another matter. anyone PM me the location of the registry key that drives default patching location so I can correct it? I don’t feel like reinstalling.

the patches give you an option to redirect them when they run.

im proud to say that i finally got the campaign and tried it out
its pure sexeh :stuck_out_tongue: good work cliff,just… aehm a few kinks to iron out ^^

Holy crap, I haven’t played in ages, but I just got the email about this mode. No way I could turn that down, so looks like it’s back to the gratuitous front for me.
Judging by the amount the version number’s changed, I’ve got a lot of relearning to do. But damn, it’s good to be back.

Campaign is FANTASTIC! It is truly great!

A couple of first look comments:

  • Starting spot on the map. Will it always be the same or can their be random starts or different starts?
  • Random maps would be great (and different sizes)
  • Fighters. Still the age old mega annoying issue with fighters being morons when your carrier is out of supplies or destroyed and heading to the edge of the map to be slowly picked off… We really need either a REPAIR order or a tick box on the CAUTIOUS order to ignore it when there are no carriers…

It would be nice be be able to see anomalies from the main map in a more meaningful way as the little icons get lost easily and have it pop up a continue or abort message before it sends only part of your fleet into the next sector.
It would be nice to be able to see the defending army of a sector instead of having to have a retreat mark against you in standings when you send in your single scout to gauge the defences.

Captured ships right now are totally useless. They are always so badly damaged that they are pointless (except fighters) we should be able repair them. At least modules not totally destroyed or something.

-Fighters that come packaged IN carriers. So that we can move them around.

But this latest module, priced WAY to cheap by the way, rocks!

Great Job. I love the graphics too. This is a game that would stand up on the console systems too.

Turn based multi player please! :slight_smile:

Are all modules unlocked in Conquest, or is it still necessary to fight single player battles to earn points to do so?

I looked through the GSB\campaign\data\campaign.txt file and found this entry: “Homeworld=4”. Cross-referencing that with the data in the GSB\campaign\data\encounters folder shows me that encounter (i.e., planet) #4 is–you guessed it–Sullgobah. Therefore, changing the “Homeworld=” value would likely change your start position.

Each of the .txt files in the encounters folder also has XY coordinates listed for the planets. Find a way to randomize those and you get random maps. Change the facilities values in the encounter files and generate random planets. At least that’s how it appears to me.

I don’t have the know-how to write something that would do the randomization, but it is (hypothetically) easy to do.

Here’s a thought, Cliff: maybe release a patch/update that gives not only the ability to randomize the campaign map and/or planets and/or facilities, but also allows you to save those newly-generated maps. Sure, you’d wind up with a lot of maps with nasty unbalanced random chokepoints, but that might make for some very challenging content. And if we could save and share the maps that were created? So much the better.

YES YES YES, this is what i always wanted. My dream game was galciv 2 but with GSB’s battles, at least now, i’ll get a 2d sword of the stars’ish campaign :slight_smile:
Finally a “reason” for all these epic battles. Will def buy!
Just a question, is the galaxy randomly generated, and is there support for increasing the planet and/or shiplimit?

I made a crazy scenario in the main game with like 200 v 200 ships, was amazingly fun. I hope there’s some support for editing it in a .ini or something!

I had a look on other threads and don’t see a mention of this, so:

Could we please have hotseat?

Is there any chance to see how well my own ship/fleet designs fought against other players?
Would love such a statistic!

That’s how you randomize the existing map. Random maps would be something else altogether, and probably not simple at all to do given the current campaign as a baseline. If the map were being procedurally generated already, I suspect we’d have seen more than one map to start with.

Hotseat only makes sense for a multiplayer game… :wink:

Actually, i believe it would be possible to custom mod your own campaign maps. I’m trying to figure out how to do so at the moment xD

Map modding is possible, the only real awkward thing is [hopcounts], which is the number of jumps you need to go through to get the shortest route between each pairing of encounters, and is used when spreading fear of your ships amongst the AI.

ok I didn’t find anything but is it possible to cancel the move command??..

Uh, yeah. This would be a HUGE hit with my family if we could gather at Thanksgiving and Christmas and play campaign games against each other!!! Especially if all the planets were divied up and there was no internet needed - it would be huge!!!

i was thinking of the same thing…