GSB Galactic Conquest & Steam - Invalid Serial Number?

I’ve bought GSBGC from Positech, and followed the appropriate instructions to tell the Positech Installer where the GSB directory is under Steam, and its installed ok. It runs ok. But when I click on the Campaign button I get this message:



Was I meant to get a serial key for the GSBGC expansion mailed through when I purchased it? Because all I got was a BTMicro link to download the file from. The Steam version has all the other DLC expansions installed from Steam. But I wanted GSBGC too much to wait till next year for the Steam release…

Under the Online menu, my serial code is valid, as is my username ‘spelk’. I’ve checked my firewall software and the GSB.exe file is in the rule list to allow through.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you ever changed your username? maybe on a different machine?
Can you browse the online challenges ok?

As far as I can remember I haven’t changed my username. I did purchase the pre-order game, and then later purchased it on Steam (for ease of patching). Perhaps there was some problem with having the same username registered under two different copies of the game? I’ve uninstalled the original game a while back, before buying the Steam copy.

I can browse the online challenges ok.

can you email with your username, and the serial code you use in the game (do not post it here!)

Thanks for your help with this Cliff.