GSB Game Oddity

So I decided one day to try out GSB again (after long period of nothingness)… I started up the game and tried the campaign mode at which point I was told to register with Online. By this point in time I had already switched computers to play it since my original one crashed. I lost all data regarding download links, activation codes, e.t.c. So when I tried to play that, it didn’t work. When going into “Battle”, It did not work either so I uninstalled every lick of the game (bought from Positech, not Steam(Windows 7 64bit)) then reinstalled it with the GSBCollectorsEd. installer I had on a USB from before my computer crashed. I got this screen.

Upon getting back into the game I got said above screen. I’ve searched for anything dealing with the campaign and any mods I may have downloaded but found nothing. Is there any particular reason why it’s doing this? Every other screen is fine, It’s just THIS specific one. I had not installed anything prior or after re-installing the game so the Campaign shouldn’t be there and the BG should be normal again, at least I thought.


Game was being buggy, uninstalled then reinstalled with collector’s edition installer, got this screen afterwards. Need help please and thanks.

I’ve already searched through the forum a little bit but have not found anything of aid.

I suspect that the background image for the title screen is missing or corrupt.
(Until i get home, i cant be 100% certian)

It’d most likely have to be the latter since the file should be brought back upon reinstallation. But if it was corrupt then wouldn’t reinstalling it also fix the problem?

Then there’s also the retracting of the “campaign” button from the Menu HUD. :I

You would expect that reinstalling would fix it. . . so lets look at the file itself.

If navigate to where you installed GSB and look in the folder:
\Gratuitous Space Battles\campaign\data\bitmaps\ui\

In that folder you will find many files, the one you are interested in is

  • campaign_title_2048.bmp <-6,145Kb
    (in theory it should be the one that should be displaying in the backdrop)
    If you could confirm that the file exists you can open it.

The retracting campaign button should be fixed when you enter you online code.
(Since the campaign needs a registered account to source the enemies you will face)

If you have misplaced your account ID, i can highly recommend that you send an email to whomever you have bought the game through and see if they can resend the details (if it was BMT Micro, they are very good at providing lost links and passwords.)