GSB - If we Pre-Order do we get...


This is mostly a question for Cliffski (since I think he’s the only one that can actually answer this question). After Pre-Ordering the game will we still receive a full download of the install file? I realize the beta will be updated to the latest full release once the game is released but I’d also like the install file so I can back it up on CD or DVD. Thanks in advance.

Your download link (that you received in an email) is always valid and will always point to the latest copy of the game. Once the final release comes out, just download from there again and you’ll have the release version.

In fact, you might want to backup that email rather than the program, since the email will always allow you to download the program.

This is true

Good to know and thanks for the quick response guys! To be honest, I always back up my emails that are order forms and invoices. I probably have some that are a couple years old. I just wanted to make sure that the same download link would be valid from here on out until the actual release date and beyond. This is great to know and I’m sure this info has not only been helpful to me but others who might be curious about this question as well. Thanks a lot!

Loving this game, keep up the great work Cliffski!