GSB keeps crashing upon startup

I get this error information:
28/11/2016 - 1::44 - Ship Hull not found ->Swarm Anubis Frigate:…\src\SIM_ShipHull.cpp 509


At a guess you have ships that have been designed using the Swarm Anubis Frigate and you do not have the Swarm DLC installed.

Two reason i can think of are:

  1. you have downloaded a mod / challenge that uses the ship but you dont have the Swarm DLC
  2. you have the swarm DLC and something has been changed and the game can no longer find it.

Hope this helps

Thanks! I have the mod,but the game can’t find it and I don’t know why…

Have you been modding the game recently (i.e. loadout of a swarm Anubis Frigate) ?

Other suggestion is to go to where the game saves your ship loadouts and move them out to somewhere safe and run the game again.
By the numbers:

  • navigate to the \My Docs\My Games\GSB\ships\ directory
  • create a new directory called offline
  • move all the ships \My Docs\My Games\GSB\ships\ into \My Docs\My Games\GSB\ships\offline\
  • run the game again

If the game works then check to see if you can design a swarm ship.
that way you can determine if the game has forgotten that you have the DLC.

From there you can start dragging the ships back into \ships\ directory running the game every so often to find the offending ship.

Hope this helps