GSB Mac version not on Steam

Just wondering why Steam can only supply the GSB Windows version?

Surely one license should allow you to play it on both platforms like pretty much every other modern game?

The mac version is brand spanking new. The minute we are sure it’s bug free, I’ll talk to steam.

I didn’t know steam did macs… :frowning:

Thanks Cliff.

Steam got Mac support a few months ago now. It’s been great to see so many dual platform games migrating to it and for Valve to re-release a number of games (HL2 for instance) on the Mac.

Cliff, was your comment here:


suggesting that the Mac version will be coming to steam shortly?

(on a side note, my GSB license disappeared from my steam account and I’m currently working with steam support to find out why)


There are some minor tech issues on steams end. GSB is the first steam mac game with DLC, apparently. Anyway, they are working on it.

Just noticed that GSB Mac has finally made its way onto steam! Awesome work Clfif!