GSB not launching

Just bought this game yesterday on steam and whenever i try to run it it gives me the preparing to launch box and then it disappears and nothing happens, no error message or anything. I’m running windows 7 and i’ve tried rebooting and reinstalling the game but nothing seems to work. The demo worked fine when i downloaded it a few days ago. Any suggestions?


edit just tried downloading and playing the demo again and now that doesn’t seem to work either. I don’t remember changing anything between playing the demo and getting the full game except for downloading other games on steam. very strange.

if the demo from positech runs, but launching the full game through steam does not, this is a steam issue, rather than the game code (in terms of initialising the video, its the same code in both), so I suggest pestering their tech support :frowning:

okay,thanks for the reply! I sent Steam a message about it yesterday, just waiting on a reply. Hopefully they will be able to solve it.

okay, so this is odd, i downloaded the demo for GSB from this site just to see if it would run and i got an error message:

"C:\Windows\system32\d3dx9_41.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error "

what does this mean and how to do i fix it? Could this be part of the problem why it doesn’t work on steam?

Another reply to my reply lol

Anyway, I fixed it!! So, taking the info i got from the error message from the demo i downloaded from this site, i did a search for solutions to that error message. Finding that people had problems with this error for other games i did what they suggested in that instance and tried to update my direct x from the microsoft website. That failed to work though and i found another suggestion that said to download the .dll file in question at and just replace the existing one with that one, and that did the trick. yay! now i can get my GSB fix!