GSB on a USB?

I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that it is possible to install Gratuitous Space Battles on a flash drive. I just wanted to know if this is in fact possible and how exactly it would work.

The game doesn’t need to be installed actually, as I don’t think it writes anything important in the windows registry. So you can just either install the game directly on the USB stick (change the drive letter to that of your stick in the installer), or copy/paste the whole gratuitous space battles folder that you probably have installed in Program Files, or steam\appdata\ depending on the platform you bought it from. This works wonder.

If you want to keep your progression though, you’ll have to also copy/paste the gratuitous space battles folder found in My docs\My games\ onto the stick, and add it to the My docs\My games\folder of any computer you wish to play GSB on.

I’ll be running on WINE, and I need to use a USB on DSL.
wow, acronym max.
because the computer I am on (old laptop) can download it but not play it, and the one I am going to put it on can play it but not download it.

Hmm, I tried this and something came up saying it couldn’t find a tribe ship design.

Did you transfer the content of C:\Users*USER*\Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\ ?

No I don’t think I did, was that the problem?

Actually I think the problem was that I installed it using the internet download on the flash drive, but I have the steam version installed on the computer. Maybe I’ll just have to try running it on a computer that doesn’t have any GSB version installed on it?

Whatever the game you are running on your comp, they will ALL use data from your My docs\MY games\Gratuitous space battles\ folder. This is where the game stores all data about your progression, your new ship designs and such. If this folder contains designs using hulls/modules not present in the game you’re running, then you’ll get errors. SO if your My games\GSB\ships\folder containcs design using Tribe hulls, but you haven’t installed the Tribe DLC on the game in your USB stick, it will throw an error because, well, there’s no such thing as a tribe hull in there.

hmm, I tried this with the demo, but I keep getting an error when I try to run it on another computer. Something about d3dx and how I should reinstall.

I’ve one this before on OSX.

  1. Right click on your GSB [demo]* folder and select “Duplicate”.
  2. You should now have a GSB copy called “Gratuitous Space Battles [demo]* copy”.
  3. Drag the application into your Flash drive icon.
  4. Rename it “Gratuitous Space Battles [demo]*”.
  5. Try to connect your flash drive to another computer running OSX native.
  6. Go into your flash drive and click the GSB app.
  7. It should run.

If this fails, delete that one and repeat step 1-6.

*Only for people with the Demonstration version of GSB.
There’s my method of doing it.

Neither my computer nor the one I want to run it on is a Mac.

Damn. Well, I don’t know. :c

That’s probably because the computer you’re trying to run GSB on lacks a directX dll file. Make sure this computer runs the latest directX version.

Hmm… I’ve got a question. Is it possible to change the game progression saving location to another? Because I installed GSB twice to have 1 vanilla and 1 modded version, but both use same My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles folder :confused:

Well I’d make a copy of the My games\GSB\ folder and switch between the two when needed. There’s no way around.

Hmm… very nice solution! I will try this :slight_smile: