GSB on facebook

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I uploaded some renders of the ships to the photos bit, I’ll get around to uploading more stuff as I go along…

Are you going to use those renders to make a nice intro?
If not are you going to release the renders so that we can have a play with them? XD

Those renders are really cool. The ships look good in 2D but great in 3D…

I’m not really a fan of intros, but I should definitely do something with them at some stage.

Intros are gratuitous.

Actually thats a pretty good point :smiley:

Intros are great, as long as you can skip them. Sometimes it’s fun to sit back and watch the cinematics and I find it really gets me excited the first time I play a new game.

Of course, sitting through 2 minute of developer and publisher logos every time I start the game makes we want to gouge my eyes out. Intros should be enjoyable AND optional.

How do you cancel facebook sending reminders about your upcoming birthday? My birthday is coming up and I remember that when I first signed up with facebook I said yes to something where they send everyone reminders that its your birthday. But this year I kinda won’t to keep my birthday secret from everyone so how do I tell them not to send a birthday reminder?

Since there is no intro, the loading time is gratuitously fast…

you do know that gratuitous means unnecessary or without reward, right?

i did
i like dictiopnarys, and bad spellin


Intros are cool to watch once or twice but after that are inevitably skipped. Instead how about a random ship as the main menu page? Doesn’t always have to be about the empire :slight_smile:

cliff you should really post the stuff on forum before you post it on facebook :smiley:
personally i hate facebook with passion but meh,guess this can advertise the game a lot on its own :stuck_out_tongue:
nice job btw man,keep it up