GSB on Humble Bundle 4

So, are you planing in release a GSB on HB4?

Super Meat Boy, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Jamestown, Nightsky and Shank.

And if you beat the average

Gratuitous Space Battles and Cave Story+

Guess its only the Core, right?

Bought! And the GSB got a linux version, I didn’t knew that! No more wine/crossover Games!

Aye it’s the core of GSB.

EDIT: Just stick’d Humble Bundle in Ubuntu Forums.

Does anyone have any idea whether the DLC from RedMarble works with this?

It really should do, it should be interchangeable within a platform, you just need to install stuff in the right place.
Thanks to everyone who promotes or buys the bundle :smiley:

Will there be separate DLC available for the Linux version OR can the MAC version of the DLC work on Linux???


AFAIK, the collector Edition will soon be available for Linux as well. The collector Edition comes with all the extensions etc.

I’m not certain but I suspect the mac DLC will work.

stats so far for humble bundle:

Total payments: $1,368,943.21
Purchases #: 257,111

Average purchase: $5.32

Average Windows: $4.78
Average Mac: $7.27
Average Linux: $10.01

Awesome that GSB made it into the bundle, and glad to see some new faces soon, most likely!

Shame how apparently cheap most Windows users are. Somewhat embarrassing.

you just need to install stuff in the right place.

Hello. I got GSB via the Humble Bundle. I’m running linux Mint 10. Any ideas where the “right place” is? I have decompressed the files, clicked on the GSB.bin.x86 file and I get a nice pretty splash screen for the game that freezes up my machine.

Hello! Glad to see another new face here as a result of the Humble Indie Bundle. Our Linux Support Forum is that way ----->>
I’m surprised that you missed it the first time around. :slight_smile: