GSB On Steam.

I’ve searched and only saw topics relating to the possibility of GSB on steam, so if its been posted my apologises.

I looked at the coming soon games on steam and saw none other than:

So for those who are holding back and might be tempted if it was on steam you can go crazy on Nov 16th and congrats to cliffski, lets hope it hauls more players in.

However my question (and probably for others) is can I activate my direct bought/“pre order” copy on steam?
I know it might not be possible, for some games i.e World of Goo it was but for some i.e Aquaria it wasn’t (obviously varies from dev to dev), i’m not entirely bothered if it isn’t possible but it’d be nice if you could.

I don’t think you will be able to. I haven’t had any discussions with steam about doing that, and I’m not sure what’s involved yet tbh.
But yes, it’s true, GSB on steam. yay etc :smiley:

Please do find out if this is possible - I raced to the forums to ask this exact question when I saw it was available on there.

Many games allow it so hopefully it should be possible.

Congrats on being on steam, you’re going to make a whole load of sales off there I’m certain.

By the way, an aside on this… If you add it to your Steam list as a non-steam game, the steam shift-tab community stuff was working 100% fine with GSB (I haven’t tried in a while, as I play in windowed mode now, for easier / more reliable alt-tabbing.)

To be honest i’m not too fussed about the steam overlay, I just like the convenience for when i’m on the go and I visit friends and stuff I can show off my games and stuff and let them have a go etc trying to get them to buy stuff (usually works :wink: of course the account stays with me at all times when I leave their place, 20 character strong password ftw).

I’m not too bother if its possible or not, as I said, it’d just be nice if was possible.

Nice work none the less :slight_smile:

I’d be real nice, but if not, i’ll just buy another key off steam. With no DRM ill give by little bro the other copy.

Heh. The root password for my server is way over 100 strong characters. Defending against random hackers FTW :smiley:


I hope you don’t have to type that in often…

EDIT: Oh, and pssst Delta… Malware keylogger infection on less security concious mate’s PC trumps strong password :wink: Unlikely, but still, couldn’t resist a poke :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I know ;), but im the one who looks after their security/pc hardware etc, its practically my own :D.

So it says pre-load on steam, but it’s unable for purchase. what’s up with that?

I’ve been waiting for the steam release, but 1) decided 3 more days was just too long, and 2) my assumption is that purchasing the game straight off this site puts more money in cliffski’s pocket. He’s obviously eagerly supporting his product, so I’m happy to go that direction.

Wraith. That’s just the traditional Steam way to release games.

You pay for your game, you can download it to your computer BEFORE the game gets released and when it gets released you can play it straight away instead of waiting to download it before you can play it after the release.

:stuck_out_tongue: Did I make any sense?

Yes it’s just that theres no link to purchase. but its typical of steam to not unlock a game untill a day or to late

It is available now, but it’s an old version. The demo is v1.24, and the version on steam is v1.23.

I just bought the game on Steam today, and I wasn’t aware that the demo version was updated and not the full version (Steam version). Will the Steam version be updated in the coming days? I understand that Steam needs specific compatible patches for all the games, so perhaps the GSB team need to send a specific patch to Valve? Or is it Valve that needs to take the “retail” patch and make it compatible with Steam? I don’t know how it works, but either way I am having fun right now with the game hehe!

EDIT: The Steam version just tried to update itself to 1.24 via the “normal” way, with a patch installer from the Desktop. I don’t think that would work since Steam needs specific patches from Valve or something along those lines, usually the games update automatically on Steam (if specified by the user of course), they never update via installers from the Desktop like all non-Steam games do. I made a thread about that in the Support forum. Hopefully the GSB team will be aware of this soon.

If you want steam overlay in a non-steam game (with certain exceptions), just head into steam and click “add non-steam game” and navigate to the relevant executable. It will add a shortcut in the steam games browser. Launching a game from that shortcut causes the overlay to be enabled in that game.

This works with GSB.

I would very much appreciate if I could use my pre-steam-release-purchased copy with/in steam - it’s just so convenient not having to remember where to download it, where to find the activation keys etc etc

In My Games in Steam, go the ‘Games’ in the menus at the top edge and ‘add non-steam game’.

That only looks to add a short cut to the game location, so you can click on it through the steam menues. I want the same thing, where it will install it later if I delete it. I want to physically connect the game I bought earlier to steam.

Yes, yes, yes. Steam is so convenient in this way. I, for one, only pre-ordered the game directly from Cliff because somewhere around these forums (or was it a blog post?) someone once asked if GSB would be available on Steam and Cliff told him ‘no’, that the Steam guys didn’t even bother replying to his mails and the same thing happened to a lot of his indie developer friends. Something like that. I’d gladly have waited until now just for the extra convenience of being able to redownload my game at any time, any where without having to bother to look for the download link and for the activation key… which I’ll probably lose forever one day my hard drive goes bust, anyway, I never go to the extra hassle either of keeping e-mail backups. For me Steam is way more convenient in tons of ways.

So yeah, if there’s a way for us who already bought the game to get a free copy on Steam, that would be super! Not counting on it much, though… There’s not many games on Steam where you can use a regular retail copy to activate the Steam edition of the same (and they seem to be mostly Valve’s own games, anyway), so I guess it’s a really big deal to make it so.