GSB on two computers

I ran through the forums really quick (studying for finals) and I was hoping someone had an answer for me. I run GSB on two computers; my desktop and my laptop when I’m on the move (or cant be bothered to get my lazy self out of bed). My question is: Is there a way to transfer game data from one computer to the other so I don’t have to go through finished scenarios / re-earn modules I’ve already paid for? Sorry if this has been covered already, I just couldn’t find it :frowning:

Thanks in advance!

Yup, if you’re running windows XP/VISTA/7 just go in My docs\my games, there’s a Gratuitous space battles folder in it. That folder contains all the data you need, so all you have to do is copy/paste it from one comp to another.

Please note that if both computers’ screens can’t handle the same resolution, you’ll have to edit the prefs.ini file (just open it in any text editor such as notepad) to make sure the game will try to run at the correct resolution (else it may fail to start), as desktop screens tend to run higher res than laptops.

Cool, before I do that let me ask one more question. The Laptop is Vista and the desktop is Windows 7. Probably just splitting hairs but will that be a factor? Thank you for the quick reply, getting everything together now!

That’s very unlikely to be a problem, just try it out and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Roger, getting my crash helmet and duct taping the cat to my chest to serve as a shield. I’ll report back and let ya know how it goes XD

You can even run GSB off a USB stick!

I am sooooo gonna try this…

Ok I only ran into one problem, and it’s an easily avoidable one. Luckily I made a system restore point before I tested my cat armor and crash helmet. The cat didn’t survive though…

When you copy the files, make sure you just copy the folders. Don’t do what I did and copy everything in the GSB folder. Only copy the following folders:

  1. campaigncaptureddesigns
  2. campaignprogress
  3. custom_scenarios
  4. debug
  5. deployments
  6. orders
  7. ships
  8. web

If you copy everything (like the ini files for example) your game will throw a fit and won’t go farther than a black little windowed window. I learned something new today!!!

Now the next step is to download a sync program of some kind so you won’t have to copy them yourself…

Only then will you attain true mastery of the Dual Computer GSB style.

I use Microsoft’s SyncToy 2.1 which is free and works well. I synchronize to a USB device before and after a session on each computer. I specifically exclude the *.ini and config,txt in the root My Documents\My games\Gratuitous Space Battles folder, I also exclude the debug and patches subfolders. This works quickly.

To answer Jaymus’s original question, that data is stored in the unl.dat and sc.dat files.