GSB: The outcasts is released!

Ok, it’s on sale, so grab yourself a copy of the latest GSB race: the outcasts!
Full details here: … casts.html
it’s also on steam:

youtube video here: … 8Ok_016BPE

Let me know what you think of the expansion, especially the new modules and ship hulls. I want to see if people like the decoy projector and multi-point tractors, and if they find them over or underpowered.

Also I submitted a post about this to reddit, if you fancy commenting there, you will find them in

Quick question;

With the exchange rate as it is (1 US = .94 AUD), why does a US $5.99 expansion pack cost more in Australian Dollars?

I thought I couldn’t be more excited about this DLC. Then I watched the trailer…


Bought! :slight_smile:

I got the expansion. it’s great so far, but I noticed what might be an oversight. On the title screen it lists all icon of the other expansions I have in the lower right corner, but there dosen’t seem to be an icon for the Outcasts yet. Not really a big deal, in the grand scheme of things, but just so you guys know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Aha indeed, that will get added…

I think the decoy projector is quite good; I’ve seen it soaking up a lot of EMP fire (which is the best kind of fire to have not hitting my ships) among other things. In combat, it looks like the decoy diverts more fire than it really does, though - because while the real ship isn’t in range of the enemy guns, the decoy is. If there were ammunition limits, it would definitely be overpowered. :slight_smile: But as is, I think it works about as well as it should.

I’ve primarily seen the multi-tractors on the AI side, ripping up my fighters, but judging from how fast my poor little birds vanish from the screen, I’d say it does quite well.

I am really digging the frigate pulse gun and the new long-range weapons as well. All in all, I’d say the Outcasts are another great addition to the GSB family. Well done!

(And I’d just like to say that the new Outcasts music is gorgeous.)

Small typo in Outcasts description:

I must say I really enjoy the Outcasts so far.

I set up some Cruisers with Decoys and Frigates with Sniper Lasers, the enemy has a habit of shooting at the closer decoys and their well protected Cruisers while my swarm of sniper frigates absolutely guts the enemy.

I’ve just bought it! Oh boy I can see weeks of sleepless night coming.

That’s the spirit :smiley: feel free to link to any youtube videos of your best exploits :smiley:

Any recommendation for free video capture tool?

here’s one
just don’t go and record a really long time or it will desync

Fraps works really well, I bought it, but AFAIK the free version captures video too.

The Outcasts new toys are a BLAST to play with…I have to say I like the innovations. I’m also intrigued at how the Frigate-class ships get all the toys minus the decoy projector.

I also really like that entire hull segments glow.

All in all…I’m very impressed with the in this expansion and I can’t WAIT to start modding experiments!

Cool, I’m keen to see some outcasts mods :smiley:

A newbie here. The outcasts sounds fun, i bought GSB long ago, and i should know it was a forum here, but i wasn’t ready to join this forum.

Is it new toys? i wonder what kind of toys ships will be, i haven’t bought that yet. But it sounds cool to the ship in space.

Loved the existing expansions and Outcasts also looks pretty amazing, so a no brainer for me as well. So far I have bought all the packs on impulse (gamestop). Will the outcasts also be released on that platform eventually?

I love Outcast. Now, I always use Outcast as the race.

What I like:

  • Ship projection. Fools the enemy most of the time ^^
  • Sniper laser.
  • Multi tractor beam.

What I don’t like:

  • Pretty weak fighter. I’ve tried many combination but still seem weaker than other races.

I emailed them about it weeks ago, I just chased them up, but they haven’t replied to me to say yes to it so far… very annoying.

…as a huge fan of GSB i’m wondering if you would know when the Outcasts are coming to the MAC?