The GTB module file (in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet) is FANTASTIC. Cliff, using an excel spreadsheet is AWESOME! Now we can modify ENTIRE sets of items, quite easily. What’s more, we can also mod every weapon in the file to conduct DPS tests at once!

Now normally, i’d do this myself and post the results here, but sadly I can’t. Not enough time do these tests, record the numbers and format it. If anyone has the spare time to do it, please do!

The map should just be a straight line, length equal to the range of the weapon, unit speed dropped to the lowest it can be. You want the test to last as LONG as possible, to ensure that any and all randomness is minimized.

Great news! i’m going to contact my uncle to buy the pre-thing game xD

Sounds interesting… was always too lazy to do modding for GSB but maybe I’ll try my hand at one or two light mods for GTB. I’d try for a 40K mod (possibly using Vassal assets as a base) but I like my criminal record spot free thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure of what i’m going to make for GTB, since GTB is based on battles over in Earth, maybe some aditional factions with special features like in other games, i mean, a faction that focused their tech in strong and agile mechs (like anime ones) but poor infantry, or another with good defensive capabilities but slow moving, and things like that.

My original idea was to make a GSB crossover so we can play with GSB infantry… but we will see what happens after playing with GTB ^^

GUNDAMS!!! :smiley:

Do we have any idea if/when this will come to Mac?

Cliff said it’ll be in the making after the PC version releases.

GSB Total Conversion into GTB would be totally awesome though.

still i think we will have a starwars mod in seconds with ATATs walking around with storm troopers getting nailed by blaster fire. Also I think grationous tank battles should be merged with grationus space battles galactic conquest beacuse you will fight in space the ground :smiley: that would be one awsome idea and would add more playability and variety in seconds

Well, I think there will be a Star trek mod with shuttles as tanks/mechs/turrets. They can function as all.

Actually Tangle, Star Fleet Marines was just released a few months ago by the same people who did SFB. It simulates just what you mentioned.