GSB Version

Hi Cliff,

Just to check as GSB seems to update itself every time ok when launching but my title screen says it’s Version 1.23 in the right corner and not 1.39 which it probably should be. My version is one I purchased direct from you when you released it very early to get some feedback and I’ve purchased both the expansion packs you’ve released.

I also seem to have GSB Beta version showing up in add/remove programs and there are 2 Gratuitious Space Battles folders in program files on my PC, both appear to have the full game although the files are older in the beta folder however the file size of all files is 263 meg whereas the other is 126 meg.

Should i just uninstall both and reinstall the full game again or something or am i launching the wrong version maybe?

Thanks, Tony.

All that matters is that number in the top right. If you are really out of date, just scrub the whole thing and re-donload using the original link (email if its dead). Thats the best way.

Right, uninstalled from add/remove including both expansion packs, deleted both folders and downloaded again using the original email link I’d saved. Worked fine and says 1.39 now. God knows how the game was working before if it was still doing online checks and was on an earlier version. Might be worth reminding people to remove old versions and do a clean install if they were around when the beta GSB was first distributed.

Thanks, Cliff.

curiously, i’m at 1.38 … and it’s definately contacting the website - but just not updating.

Cliff temporarily pulled the update due to some crashing issues a few people were experiencing. I’m not sure if he’s put it back up yet or not.

He’s going directly to .40