GSB2 beta scenario mod example

I’m just checking this stuff is working now, ready for an imminent beta, and here is a screenshot of the single player choose battle screen:

All the planets on the LHS are the basic ships-with-the-game scenarios, and that planet on the far right is one added through a mod. Essentially the galaxy map expands to whatever size is needed to fill in the locations of extra planets modders have added.
I haven’t yet coded a system to toggle mods on and off like democracy 3 has, but I will do, to ensure you don’t have problems where modders release ‘campaigns’ that overlap!
New maps can be unlockable, and pop-up descriptions when selected, so people can create whole ‘campaign mods’ with storylines.

i still think the lines between planets need to be defined better

(unless that have since my last comment on the thread about the single player missions)

and if not that then add a drop down contextual list that organizes it in the case that the map is not

also a search function would be nice

also: cool idea i just thought of that the game is to far along to allow implantation (is that the right word)

instead of seeing planets we would see a star field, some stars would be highlighted and when you clicked on them it would zoom in and show like the local solar system, the pint in space where the battle was going to happen would have line drawn to it and you would be able to see a preview of the enemy fleet from this screen

you could also add story through this mode by giving a description and drawing on the picture of the solar system things like battle lines

i really wish i though of that earlier

Can the lines be curved? They could be designed to make room for additional planets, avoid overlap, and as a bonus they could look a bit more like courses or trajectories.