GSB2 Suggestion: Custom Battles

Hello, I have been a fan of the Gratuitous Battles series for a very long time now. I bought GSB around 2 years ago and I was a beta tester for the MAC version of GTB. (Neither of them work on my computer anymore because Red Marble Games has stopped talking to me :frowning: ) But there was always something about GSB that I missed… The ability to create your own custom battles. I know you could create challenges for others to play, but I wanted the ability to set up both the opposing fleet, and my fleet, and then watch the battle. (I would often create challenges and send them to myself to do this). But I thought that maybe this could be added to GSB2? It would add a LOT of replay value, for me anyway. I would just love to set up a fair fight between two massive fleets and watch them duke it out, rather than playing against some person’s super fleet that they put as a challenge.

I would agree with that. Would it be difficult to create an engine to drop in two different fleets, pick a background, and tell 'em to sock it out?

but we can already do this

Please explain.

As pointed out above not easily and not readily.
We are limited to posting and retaliating challenges to ourselves.

I think he wants the ability to build both fleets simultaneously on the screen and then battle it out without having to worry about challenges, lists, and refreshes, (possibly internet connection) and quite probably after the battle he will be back in the deployment screen with both fleets. This is a much easier simpler and less round about way to hone your fleet into the ultimate killing machine by being able to micro-adjust orders quickly and efficiently.

Gives this idea a +1


Also, being able to click on “Scrimmage” or some-such tab, and then throwing a scenario together would be a great way to immediately test one’s build, graphics, etc. in a more controlled environment. It would be great to field test designs before tossing them into a huge battle.

i see, i too support this idea


I am delighted to discover that a new version of GSB is under development. I would also really like to be able to create my own custom battles without having to send them to the internet for retrieval.