GSBEdit announcements and FAQ

I hope I’m not being too presumptuous here, but I thought I’d open a thread so I can make announcements regarding new releases of GSBEdit, new features being implemented, and so on. This should be easier than people having to skip to page 8, 9, and so on in the other thread to find out what’s happening.

Where can I get GSBEdit?
The official site is at There is currently nothing there due to a big reorganisation I carried out. Content will return.

What is the current version?
Currently GSBEdit is heavily alpha and I’m not assigning version numbers. Different releases are differentiated by their release date. Since 110204, GSBEdit has the ability to automatically check for new releases and inform the user.

What OS is supported?
The Python source package will run on any system which provides the appropriate versions of Python and wxPython (see the Download page for more information). A Windows package is also available for those who cannot run (or do not wish to run) Python scripts. For several releases, the module editor had a bug under Ubuntu which rendered it non-functional, and this was fixed as of release 110219.

Until I have the site set back up fully, the Windows releases are not being updated and the required Python/wxPython version numbers aren’t listed. However, it should run on the version of Python supplied with any reasonably modern OS.

What changed in the current release?

  • Added more module attribute descriptions.
  • Added plasma weapon attributes, along with unlockcost and hidden.
  • Module class name is now a bit more friendly.
  • Additional information, such as DPS calculations, can now be displayed.
  • DPS calculations are now displayed (using a very basic calculation for now).
    ! Fixed module editor not showing the name of the selected module.
    ! Fixed error when there is an install file but no package file.
    ! Fixed propogation of attribute update messages.
    ! Fixed silly bug with checkboxes showing wrong value.

Where can I send bug reports, suggestions, or complaints?
You can either PM me directly, or (until I set up a GSBEdit bug thread) post them to the original modding tools thread at viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5786. I would like to keep this thread clear of bug reports and tech support related messages so that people can find useful information quicker (not just information related to the current release).

How can I contribute?
The easiest way to contribute is simply to use GSBEdit and give me your feedback. Let me know what’s good, what’s bad, what small things annoy you, and what you’d like to see in the future. If you want to get more deeply involved then another way is to mock up new features - providing me with example interfaces or reference code. The final level is to work directly on the GSBEdit code. This is rather more involved and has some procedure around it, see the next section for details.

How can I work with the GSBEdit code?
GSBEdit is now hosted on Google Code ( to a local copy on your machine. Cloning from this repository ensures you start with the last release that was made available, without any of my subsequent development changes. You may also want to make a server-side clone on Google Code to make it easier for me to merge your changes back into the stable repo. This is the last time you should touch the stable repository, any merges and pushes into it are handled by me. When you are ready for me to look over your changes, push them up to your server-side clone and let me know. If it all checks out then the changes will be merged in to my development copy and from there in to the stable repo.

sticky, plz?

This place needs a bu…
No wait, I had something to say.

As this thread isn’t stickied (yet), I’ve felt free to add a link to it at the bottom of my compilation thread in the tools category.

(I’m thinking of ways to organize more the compilation thread. The big quantity of stuff difficults the task of searching for specific mods so I’ll probably put all the tools in a separated post to make it easier accessing them for new modders)

Updated to release 110219. Current users should see an update notification next time they run the app.

! Fixed the incorrect Mac install location
! Rewrote module editor to reduce load time and fix Ubuntu problems.

  • Renamed executable in Windows package and main script in source package.

when i run the Main.exe i dont see any updates…

That’s odd, I confirmed it worked correctly. I can think of two possible reasons:

  1. You downloaded the new release already (after which you wouldn’t get notified obviously).
  2. You have an old release from before update checking was added (prior to 110204).

Either way, you can obtain the release from the site as usual. If you’d like to continue working on this issue then I’d prefer it to be in the other thread to keep this one clean. If anyone else has the same problem (not being told of updates), let me know over there as well.

Updated to release 110221:

! Fixed module saving problems caused by last release.

  • Restructured credits file.

Updated to release 110222:

  • Initial module creation functionality.
  • Module tree refresh handled more gracefully.
    ! Fixed typo of slot_type in modules.cfg.

Updated to release 110304:

! Fixed optimum range field not appearing in module editor.
! Fixed fields with no content being written out (caused Salvo of Death bug).

I literally just downloaded the version that is now the old one… Oh well.

Updated to release 110305:

  • Now looks in package files for mod names.
  • Option added to open module files in an external editor.
    ! Module tree is refreshed after saving a module.

does it look in installs and packages, or only packages?

Currently it looks in installs to find the mods, and looks in packages to see if there is a nice name available (the only other option being to display a prettified version of the directory name).

Added some notes on contributing. The main way is still to use GSBEdit and give me your feedback.

Updated to release 110313:

  • Added 64-bit Windows path and adjusted naming.
    ! Temporary fix for DPS calculation error.
  • Updated licensing information to conform to GPLv3.
  • Migrated to Google Code hosting.

Update to release 110320:

  • Module tree now categorises modules more.
    ! Changing a module’s name is now reflected in the module tree.

Update to release 110322:

! Fixed problems displaying modules with the same guiname.
! Corrected filename given for license information in the About dialog.

Update to release 130330:

  • Added install location for Steam under Linux to auto-detect list.
  • Added basic (and largely useless for now) mod details editor.
  • Updated to new UI framework for module editor.
    ! Fixed the flickering and slow response when changing module in the editor.
    ! Fixed bad interaction between module creation and module tree view.

Massive changes to some of the backend code in this release, so please report any regressions in the other thread. Thanks :slight_smile:

Update to release 130331:

  • Fixed target of site link in update dialog.
  • Connected up save and delete functionality for modules.
  • Added save prompt for modules on exit.

Update to release 130622:

! Module editor now shows attributes a module can have, not just ones it does have.
! Fixed a bunch of bugs related to saving with the new module editor.
! Solved old values being shown when selecting a new module.
! Solved all module editor attributes initially displaying on top of each other on Windows.