GSBEdit announcements and FAQ

How do I install and use? I dl’d both pythons.

Hi Magnus. I’ll do this via PM as there will probably be a bit of back and forth.

Update to release 130721:

  • Added more module attribute descriptions.
  • Added plasma weapon attributes, along with unlockcost and hidden.
  • Module class name is now a bit more friendly.
  • Additional information, such as DPS calculations, can now be displayed.
  • DPS calculations are now displayed (using a very basic calculation for now).
    ! Fixed module editor not showing the name of the selected module.
    ! Fixed error when there is an install file but no package file.
    ! Fixed propogation of attribute update messages.
    ! Fixed silly bug with checkboxes showing wrong value.

I know this is several months out of date, but is there any way to re-post GSBEdit for download? From what I’ve seen on here, its a pretty fantastic tool, and I’m sure I’m not the only new player who could find it useful!

I took down the site recently while I was moving some of my domains around. I’ll see if I can get it back up tomorrow (that’s tomorrow GMT). I’m not sure how many people are actually using GSBEdit, but if there’s at least one person finding it useful then I’ll keep working on it.

If you have any feedback, requests, complaints, bugs, or anything else at all then feel free to either PM me or post them over at viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5786

I’ve attached the current version to this post (it’s the Python source, so you’ll need Python and wxPython installed). I’ll post back here once I’ve got the downloads up again. If you’re using Windows and don’t know how to work with Python then I’ll look into building an .exe version. (83 KB)