GSBGalacticConquest -- no mac build?

It did not even occur to me to check if there was a Mac binary for the new Galactic Conquest mode. If there’s a Mac binary out there, I’d gladly test it. If not, it might be a good idea to note that somewhere during the purchasing process so that the next person doesn’t make the same unwise mistake I made.

There isn’t. I have to use a school computer to play it.
That said: It was a VERY worthy investment. The game is Des. worth it

I’m handing over the code for porting today, so it won’t be long now

That’s great news! Would you consider merging the codebase if we took up a collection to buy you a continuous integration box for Mac?

I’m not sure what that means?

I guess I’m asking whether you’d be adverse to supporting Mac more directly, and whether the main obstacle to doing so is that you just don’t have a Mac to run tests on.

If we bought GC for Windows, will we have to pay to get it for OS X?