GSBGalacticConquest - where is the online registration key ?

Hey there, I just bought GSBGalacticConquest through Impulse, it arrived with a registration code (viewable by “view registration”) of 30 characters. The dialogue for online registration is looking for a shorter code than this (ie you copy paste it in and its truncated). Can you tell me where I find the proper code please?

never mind, found it now - thanks :slight_smile:

ok, lol now can you tell me how you found it cause i am haveing that same problem i brought the GSB conquest on impulse re paid for the original cause my computer likes viruses. bleh. i have tried getting the registration code from impulse. i ve paste it several time and i did the original registration many times and it always comes up as invalid.

You use the serial that Impulse provides for the main game not the expansion.

Erm… I don’t remember seeing a license key for Galactic Conquest when I got it from BMTMicro.

There’s no key for GC or any of the race DLCs, you just keep using your old GSB registration code.

This is true, the format is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-X

ive tried using the normal GSB key and it keeps coming up as invalid.

Have you never puit the key in before? If not, and you get an error, the most likely explanation is a firewall is preventing the game talking to the server. make sure any firewall knows to let the game though. The key is definitely valid, but if you want me to triple-check it, email me the serial to DO NOT post it here :smiley:

hmm i think i got it all figured out now …thank you for ya trouble.

If you get this problem then try manually typing the last character. Each time I’ve installed the game I’ve noticed that pasting the code in never pastes the last character, so if you click to continue then it’ll be flagged as invalid. You can still type the last character in manually though, and it will be accepted.

Hopefully this isn’t me. I’ve never raised it as a bug though as it’s not something I do very often (and I’m wanting to jump right in to playing each time), so I always forget by the time I’m here.